House of Five Leaves
Discs Replacement Form

Dear Valued Customers,
We would like to thank all of our fans who purchased the complete series Premium Edition of House of Five Leaves. We truly appreciate your continued support.

It has come to our attention that both DVD discs for House of Five Leaves are set to monaural sound instead of stereo for the first batch that went out (later versions are not affected). We truly apologize for this. If you have received the inital batch of this series, we will be sure to ship out your replacement discs starting at the end of April when the discs will be ready.

To determine if you have the first batch of defective DVDs or a later corrected version, please see the diagram below.

If you have purchased this series from our NISA Online Store, you will NOT need to fill out this form as you will automatically receive your replacement DVDs as soon as they are available, without further action.

Thanks again for all of your support!

NIS America, Inc.

Which ones do you have?
Take a look at your discs' Asset IDs to determine which disc versions you have.

Disc Asset IDs of Defective Discs (1st Batch)
Disc 1: HFL-DVD-US-DSC-1
Disc 2: HFL-DVD-US-DSC-2
Disc Asset IDs of Corrected Discs (Later Batches)
Disc 1: HFL-DVD-US-DSC-1-2
Disc 2: HFL-DVD-US-DSC-2-2

House of Five Leaves Discs Replacement Form
If you received the first batch of defective discs, please fill out the form below to receive your replacement discs, which will be available starting at the end of April. Thereafter, it will take about 2-3 weeks from your form submission date to ship out your discs.

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