Progression blocking bug? [Resolved, apparently]

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Progression blocking bug? [Resolved, apparently]

Postby Kjolin » Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:17 am

So... Veeeeeeery early in the game, just past the second infirmary point behind the locked door (but ~before~ the screen transition), there's a sprite of Miu just standing in the middle of the hallway. I can't interact with her, but I also can't walk through her, I ~can~ walk around her. Further up the hallway into the next room, I see her again standing there in front of a big red boss. I watched a quick playthrough of this (here, to be exact) and not only was the first sprite not there, but they also triggered a scene by walking into the next hallway that I did not. And again with the second sprite or even the boss, I can't interact or do ~anything~. The event refuses to be triggered and my progression is well and truly blocked.

... I looked and I can't find anyone else even mentioning a problem like this. Am I really the only person on the planet that's experiencing this? Took a couple of pictures to show ya what I mean. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

*Edit: Oh, and I tried reloading from my save just before that point, and got the same result. Will just... Try starting the game over again for now I guess.

*2nd Edit: Aaaaand now that I've started over, I'm at B2, and apparently the first cutscene it failed to trigger was the first locked door that requires a key, as I didn't get that one or any beyond it on my first playthrough. I really have no clue why it failed to trigger before, but I guess it's fine now. Leaving this here because it's such an oddity though.

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