I have two more questions about this game...

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I have two more questions about this game...

Postby JapanFan » Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:22 am

1. Is this game a Multi-player only game? Will it also include a singleplayer story campaign?

2. Will the four DLC characters in the Japanese version be availabe for purchase at launch for the NA version? If not when will they be made available if at all? Will you be able to purchase them seperatly like in the Japanese version?

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Re: I have two more questions about this game...

Postby Lockyff7 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:55 am

1) The game has a single player campaign where you can create a team of 4 to play through with. I think you can have up to 50 in reserve to swap out of your team.

as for your second question: I would also like to know if we will get the DLC classes if we pre-order or in the limited / grand edition. I want to get the grand edition, but I want to play the beta first and see how much I like the gameplay. Since these classes do affect the gameplay strategies you can plan, it will matter to me. If it was something like color skins or some early game booster items I wouldn't care, but the classes will give variety to team setups.

I hope someone from NISA can answer this question, because for Nights of Azure they didn't announce the GUST DLC code with pre-order till closer to launch date, so maybe they are holding off for people who are on the fence. My "buy" factor is going to be gameplay from beta, if I get in. Which edition I buy depends on DLC classes included, if yes, then grand edition; if no, then just standard. I won't buy DLC classes in a pack or individual separate from the game.

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