Graphics of Disgaea 5

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Would you like Disgaea 5 with Odin Sphere/Dragon Crowns graphic in HD?

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Re: Graphics of Disgaea 5

Postby DebiruFlonne » Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:05 pm

The HD 2D sprites are amazing. If there must be a graphical increase, then I hope they just put their budget into making more animations for each sprite. 2D art is a dying style in modern releases and I personally prefer to 90% of the eye bleeding 3D, the washed out colors, or the lack of defined lines to make the important parts of abstract gameplay stand out enough to play the game efficiently. I like Disgaea because they understand that something can look beautiful without needing to sacrifice ease-of-play by bogging it down with 3D 'realism'.

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Re: Graphics of Disgaea 5

Postby darknecros » Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:20 am

Chamaeleonx wrote:I thought about a lot of graphic styles and there are a lot that would suit Disgaea. The Atelier series style looks good too.

What i would love is 3D "Sprites", still drawn but they are 3D and look like the Sprites with more detail. Thats why i love Atelier style too.

A must have is new background design as the attacks are awesome in mechanics, but they definitly need a graphic upgrade :/. At least that those "stairs" vanish and it looks smooth. Disgaea 4 was 1080p but you could still see them clearly.

I dont want all money to spend on graphics, but i think they should keep the core the same and upgrade everything else. For example, keep itemworld, charaworld, Assembly/Councel or whatever it is called in the specific title. But they could make it bigger.
For example, Throwing is great, but you could make a weight option so that not everbody can lift everybody. This would result in more tatical play as you have to choose who stands where and when, who can take a beaten to throw that important character to the treasure.
Story decisions would be great too, you have different branches and each results in a different story even if the ending might be the same or could differ. That would open up for more story content, which results in more players being interessted as the "normal" player wont grind for months like fans (me for example) do.

I love the idea on story branches.
Depending on how many branches, and such, maybe make it, to when you hit postgame, it would make a "flowchart" available to view so you could see where the branches are, also maybe make it to where the entire flowchart would not be visible, just maybe 1 section after a branch and the rest invisible until you actually reach them on another cycle.

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Re: Graphics of Disgaea 5

Postby Mars » Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:47 pm

I have always been a fan of never change a good thing.

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Re: Graphics of Disgaea 5

Postby BlancnOut » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:50 pm

I don't care about the sprites (they fine as they are). While I'm not against the idea of having more animations, the whole process is more time consuming (I would think).

And please for the love of god, use ACTUAL portraits for the characters, one thing that urked me about Disgaea D2 is the little sprite portraits, It just put it bluntly.
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Re: Graphics of Disgaea 5

Postby Naska » Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:08 pm

Considering that the Question is only IF we would like a improvement of Graphics (basically) there is no reason to say no.
But in all honesty if i consider the disatvantages like soending development time on Graphics instead of the Gameplay and Mechanics.... i realy don't need that, as long as it plays well who cares.

Too many Games did spend there budget on something needlessly and ended up in ruins (i am still sad about Gothic 3 and plenty of other games).

So i did vote yes, who would MIND better graphics if there were no disatvantages?
But i clearly am not in favor of losing any of the awesome Gameplay this Game offers and all the new Elements they provide with new Titles.
So while i would vote yes with the way it is Questioned i don't realy care for Graphics.

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Re: Graphics of Disgaea 5

Postby couda » Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:24 pm

i want it like all disgaea series
and please put any character from soul nomad in the game
and why don't you do soul nomad (2) ?
it is the best game ever i really really love it :D

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