Skull Image Request

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Skull Image Request

Postby TikPandora » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:10 am

Hello everyone!

Now, I know this is a huge long shot, but I've been up for the past few hours trying to locate an image I once had...but lost due to HDD failure.

The only place I could ever find it was on, and since that site is now a thing of the past, I wanted to come here and see if anyone has the specific image or knows where I can find it.

It was an image of a Star Skull, sitting down I believe, with his body facing the left hand side of the image. If I remember right, he was holding his knees as well. It had a relatively plain background that said 'Disgaea' on it if I can remember. There was also a rather thick white outline around the skull, separating him from the background.

I have never found this image anywhere else, and have been looking for it extensively for the past few weeks. Believe it or not, I have someone who wants me to put it on a cake. Lol

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