An Honest Problem I'd Like NIS to Help Me With

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An Honest Problem I'd Like NIS to Help Me With

Postby Durabletomb » Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:36 am


I'm DurableTomb. I'm the fellow who is helping two other kind fellows make a translation patch (and a translation guide in my case) for the NIS games La Pucelle: Ragnarok and Makai Kingdom: Portable. ... ompletion/

I know what I'm about to ask may seem a tad off to ask, or to even expect a response, but I thought I could at least put forth the effort.

I'm a very OCD person when it comes to gaming.

I spend hours planning out my characters; finding the right names to fit their play style, giving them histories or reasons for being there, designing challenges and handicaps to make them more interesting.

I've played within the Disgaea series since way back when, when Disgaea was still a cult hit game in the Strategy RPG genre and I picked up Disgaea in a used game shop because the artwork reminded me of the style from GTA3's cover (by the way, why do you guys change the art from the Japanese version? The chibi's all laid out tend to look much better than the US covers).

Anyway, I'm facing a issue. A 1st World problem that's nagging at me.

I've bought each main Disgaea game, and all the DLC (including D3's DLC twice so I could get the $50 full package version on the PS3), but then I feel depressed when a hand held port comes out with more content than the original, making me feel like I wasted my money (because of course, I then have to buy the upgraded port). I've spent at least $1000 between buying NIS games, their DLC, and towards parts of the translation projects when I needed help.

The Question: All I'm asking is, is there any indication whatsoever, that they are planning to release upgraded ports of Disgaea D2, Soul Nomad, or the soon to be Disgaea 5?

I'm stuck in this limbo where I want to buy the DLC for Disgaea D2, but my mind hits me with unease, that as soon as I do, you'll announce "Disgaea D2: Portable" and I'll have wasted more money on a game that I now don't want to play because the improved version would be coming out.

Any help for a long-time fan? =(

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Re: An Honest Problem I'd Like NIS to Help Me With

Postby Seventh » Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:18 am

Soul Nomad is likely a most cause now, like basically all non-Disgaea series of theirs, and they've recently said a Vita port of 5 is impossible. D2 is still in the air though.

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