Some Fun Fan-art comics (Jakuri fans enter!)

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Some Fun Fan-art comics (Jakuri fans enter!)

Postby leinaud » Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:16 am

I cannot hotlink the pictures since I found out about this from another forum that had the original artist contact them, requesting to link the website instead, so...

Click on "gallery" and the very top set of stars (comic) and triangles ( pictures) are what you are looking for. The comic is rather entertaining, enjoy!

P.S. some images are NSFW!, especially when you click the first triangle more than once (you get different images)

P.P.S. I for one now know where Jakuri's instal port is located...(look at the very last triangle) :shock:


Here are some translations from the user "Utsuho Lazy" over at A Reyvateil's Melody forums.

Comic 1:
Jakuri: This is the first time you see who's inside the robot. I am Jakuri's true form.

Chroah: Now that I remember it... That was my first encounter with Mir.
Ayatane: Mother... Please wear clothes in such occasions...
Jakuri: But it's okay not to wear anything when I'm inside the robot...

Comic 2:
Jakuri: I made this item... Do you want to try eating it?

Chroah: Err... Eat that?
Jakuri: Well, if you don't like so... Then should I wear it for you?

Chroah: N-No, it'd be weird, right...?
Jakuri: Oh? ...I myself don't mind though...

Jakuri: So, how's it?

Jakuri: ...What?
Jakuri: Isn't this how you wear panties? ...Don't you know that?
Chroah: ...You only look like a pervert, please just stop...

Comic 3:
Ayatane: Oh, Chroah-kun, you were late.
Ayatane: Mother has finished preparing, and is waiting for you.
Chroah: ...Preparing?

Jakuri: Well... The ceremony is coming...

Jakuri: ...Okay, hurry up, let's begin.

Ayatane: O-okay, are you ready? So...
Ayatane: Chroah-kun, do you vow to (censored)?
Chroah: I promise.
Jakuri: What, nobody minds me? You make me feel sad...

Comic 4:
Jakuri: Hey Chroah, that Pepencuit... Has Chroche ever fed it to you?
(Text: Pretty embarrassing, right?)
Jakuri: Like, she tells you to "Aah" and...

Chroah: H-how do you know...?
Chroah: ...But, she just forcefully stuffed it into my mouth...

Chroah: ...It wasn't like I enjoyed eating that thing...
Jakuri: ...Chroah.
Chroah: Huh?


Chroah: P-Please, stop, stop it, Jakuri...!
Chroah: You want me to do it? Right here!?
Chroah: That, that is not possible...!!!

Chroah: ...O-okay, I understand...
(Text: Pepencuit)
Chroah: H-here...
Jakuri: Aaah~

Chroah: Just now... Did I see some kind of an obscene image?
Jakuri: It was just your imagination.

Comic 5:
Cocona: Eh! Jakuri-san, really?
Jakuri: Yes... I'm always like that. Isn't it so comfortable?
Jakuri: You want to try it too?
Cocona: Heh? So.. Should I?
Chroah: ...?

Chroah: Jakuri... What kind of weird thing did you tell Cocona?
Jakuri: "Weird thing"? I'm just teaching her various things as a sempai Reyvateil.

Chroah: Hmm... Your relationship with Cocona is so good, isn't it?
Jakuri: I'm just jealous with that child's excellent trait.
Chroah: ...Trait?

Jakuri: Yup. She has a nice naked body...

So anyone want to continue where he/she left off? There are 7 more left...

Awaking in 2014...

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Re: Some Fun Fan-art comics (Jakuri fans enter!)

Postby LAMV » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:34 pm

Oh Mir. I don't think there will ever be another female character like you.

Well, Evangeline from Negima comes close, I think. Too bad she isn't in JRPG form.

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