Ida 2 bosses

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Ida 2 bosses

Postby fuyuki » Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:40 pm

how do you think i can defeat the vermillion and its two hands in the event 'Futile Seal'?
this was my team when i first fought him but something puzzles me...why was the vermillion at less than 10%HP after i used Bloody howl
[ ][ ][ ][Marie]
[Meu][Lilith][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ][Cece]
now im using this
[ ][ ][ ][Vivi]
[Meu][Troy][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ][Cece]
Finally , can u help me find out how to get lots of X-frame to convert to INT+50 without synthesis,how to get the item that can be converted to STR+50,how to get the item that can be converted to Magic up+ and how to get the Black frame to convert to HP up+
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