what you guys filled out on the registration form?

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what you guys filled out on the registration form?

Postby Dark Paladin X » Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:53 pm

I was wondering what you guys filled out on the registration form. The form allows you guys to express your own thoughts about the series. And there is also a 500 character limit comment area where you share your ideas.

The reason I'm asking because if I could get some people to buy the DVDs (since the UPC Code is needed to fill the form) in addition to filling the form, NIS America could reconsider and push for an English dub for this series with Cristina Vee voicing Taiga. And I think it's a good way for dub fans to push and voice their opinion on getting Toradora dubbed.

And if anyone asked, the largest point when I filled the form was my own ideas for the dub cast:

Taiga Aisaka- Cristina Valenzuela
Ryuuji Takasu- Johnny Yong Bosch
Minori Kushieda- Hynden Walch
Ami Kawashima- Michelle Ruff
Yuusaku Kitamura- Dave Wittenberg

I honestly cannot recall what I filled on the rest, but most of them are giving a few positive comments on the contents (and a few criticisms on the subtitle pacing).

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