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Help for beginner

Postby ttocs » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:36 pm

I'm trying to get into the game but I'm having a little trouble. Does anyone know of any resources online for beginners that would be helpful? For instance, I don't understand the multiple characters and the way they sub/support the main character. Is this available anywhere online to read through? Maybe explained more than in game?

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Re: Help for beginner

Postby Greene » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:43 pm

There are some pretty helpful people and [whatever the little bird guys are called, piyo!] that can help you in-game, but here's a basic run-down of the game. You don't get the magic circle immediately when you start the game, but you will after completing a dungeon or two and people will join you and become playable later as well. In Cladun, you'll quickly get one (or more) of each of the starter classes (I don't know yet about the upper tier classes, I don't have any of them, yet. In Cladun x2, I have yet to have any story characters join me, but I'm only in the fourth dungeon. But it's cool, since I built the entire Hyperdimension Neptunia cast before going very deep into the dungeon.Iffy! <3

There are two types of characters, main & sub. Main characters run through dungeons and sub characters support them through HP (meat shields!) and Artifacts. Any character can be main or sub, depending on how you want to run your Magic Circle. Different classes of characters have different types of magic circles and their stats increase in different ways, so it's in your best interest to try out lots of different combinations to find your favorite playing style.

Main characters stats determine how good or bad they are in the dungeon. HP (hit points), SP (skill points), Attack, Attack Speed, Defense, Shield Defense, Walk, Run - these are a few of them. And this is where sub characters and the Magic Circle come in.

Sub characters join the Magic Circle and lend their HP to the main character - literally. The placement of the sub on the magic circle determines which side of your main they will protect. If your main gets hit from their left side, the sub character on the left side of the magic circle will take (more) damage than the others or your main (unless there is a Distribution square in the magic circle). As long as the sub characters remain conscious, they will take damage instead of your main. Once the subs' HP is depleted, they are knocked out and cannot protect your main any more. They can be healed if injured, but will not heal once they're knocked out. Also, if a sub character gets knocked out, the artifacts they supported will no longer affect your main character, and he/she/it will become weaker. The only stats you need to worry about on a sub character are their HP and Mana. Guardians and Wizards quickly gain large pools of SP/Mana and thus make great sub characters. Don't let that make you neglect your other characters, though!

The Magic Circle allows you to place artifacts along the little paths that stem from each sub character. Some artifacts can be placed anywhere (Mana +, for example). Placing artifacts in the magic circle is strikingly similar to programming MegaMan.EXE in Mega Man Battle Network - Artifacts must be placed in sequence outward from the sub character, and if they are not directly linked to one another, they will not activate (except possibly in the case of the aforementioned Mana +). In addition, a sub character must possess the mana to "run" the artifacts - each artifact has a mana cost. If the sub runs out of mana, artifacts will not activate. Each artifact will affect one of the main character's stats (and sometimes the sub's own growth, as well), and each space can accommodate certain types of artifacts. Placing the right artifacts in the magic circle along with the right sub characters is key to success (AKA, not dying).

After clearing dungeons, exp is doled out to all participants of the current main's magic circle, even if they were KO'd upon reaching the exit gate. Level-up occurs when enough exp has accrued for a character, and affected characters stats will increase. Main characters will gain stats that will make them a better sub character, and sub characters will gain stats that make them better main characters (I don't remember the exact breakdown or which stats are affected). Certain spaces in the magic circle will double or triple the character's exp, or give their attack, defense, or SP a bigger boost at level-up.

Anything I forgot? Got any more questions?

BTW, I love the fact that we have basically the same avatar.
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