Crashing on the vita?

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Crashing on the vita?

Postby Nekotron » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:36 am

Has anyone else had this crash on the vita?

I was only on the second dungeon (well, part 2 of the first dungeon) when the game locked up on me.

I was throwing items around in a dungeon shop to get them out of the field of view of a zombie when the game locked up on me after throwing a third item fairly close to an exit. After hitting the ps button as well as putting the system to sleep with no luck, the vita spat out some error and killed the frozen game.

I realize this is early so I did not lose that much, but I'm starting to regret my purchase. I already own ZHP on the PSP but I rarely carry that around with me anymore.

Is this a common problem?

Edit: it has now done it a second time. This time it crashed when I went downstairs to the next level. The screen turned black and never came back.

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