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Re: Sequel

Postby DarkAdonis » Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:06 pm

Seventh wrote:As opposed to a sequel, what about a spinoff? That way the sequel could still be a proper roguelike and the spinoff can RPG it away.

Also, I'd hardly call it the Anti-Disgaea. It would be, if anything, Disgaea with heroes. It certainly has all the same humor and charm.

Well, thats what I meant by it. You go from one extreme (a demon overlord) to the other (an overly exaggerated sentai hero)

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Re: Sequel

Postby Usagi » Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:47 pm

I'm not against a sequel for this game. But how would the next game be distinct from the first, that would be a good question. It's not enough to give new characters the same gameplay engine and still call it a sequel. There would have to be something about it that justified it's existence. There's room to expand on ZHP, but I think that the characters and setting would have to be different, and the formula (as good as it was) would have to see some refinement. Nippon Ichi can always include other series' characters to appeal to their core audience, but they tend to overdo it, to the point that we take it for granted.

I think that "because fans want it" isn't a bad reason to make the game, but there's a cynic in me that feels as though there should be more to it. Unless the series can be expanded upon in a substantial way, it's hard to justify making a sequel.

Take the theme for ZHP: Saving the world. Where do we go from there? Saving the... universe? Saving an important person? Will we still be the Unlosing Ranger, or will a new hero step up? It would likely be the latter, so how significant will the Unlosing Ranger be? To allow for more creative freedom, it would probably have to be not at all.

I wouldn't mind a sequel to ZHP. If one were to exist, I'd play it. But can we realistically expect it? It's not like it topped any sales charts. Who's to say? Perhaps, like Disgaea, it's that under-appreciated gem that takes time for anyone to notice, and perhaps one day it will likewise carry the fate of a game company on it's able shoulders.
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Re: Sequel

Postby Seventh » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:54 pm

Well, in regards to the theme, does it need to "top" ZHP? Perhaps it just needs to be (if need is even a word to use here) different.

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Re: Sequel

Postby BrokenKing » Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:07 am

Seventh wrote:Well, in regards to the theme, does it need to "top" ZHP? Perhaps it just needs to be (if need is even a word to use here) different.

Super ZHP

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Re: Sequel

Postby keetsune » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:07 pm

Well, let's think about the basic concept of ZHP: creating a hero. A spiritual sequel would need to have the player create something better, like say... a god. And as a god, when people believe you exist, you get stronger, according to Japanese belief. So to get more power you would need to make people's dreams come true, so they believe in you. That's where the Bizarro Earth comes in: what if the Bizarro Earth's dungeon bosses are manifestations of the obstacles of someone's desires? Destroy the obstacle, and change their normal fate into a better one, albeit at a cost of creating a paradox of their fate. It all sounds good, but it's a shame it's unlikely to ever happen... Oh wait.


On a side note, if NISA names the localized version "ZHP 2: Zettai Heaven Paradox," I will giggle like a schoolgirl.

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Re: Sequel

Postby InfinityMayo » Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:34 pm

With the Guided Fate Paradox coming to NA in a couple of months, seeing a sequel to Z.H.P is unlikely. But without a doubt, if NIS decided to make another game similar to Z.H.P and Guided Fate Paradox after all these current releases, I would be extremely hyped for it and would pre-order it when a chance is given. I enjoyed Z.H.P because of how they decided to make it an SRPG with some dungeon crawling aspects. Although, the references to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai were a nice touch as well.

I'm looking forward to play the Guided Fate Paradox, but if NIS every considers making game similar to these, they have my full support.
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Re: Sequel

Postby metastase » Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:43 pm

I don't think anything needs to be changed as far as the story structure is concerned. Add a new villain and keep everything else as is - specially the humor - then we are good to go.

That said, the Shadowgram is 1 of the best customization systems I've ever seen and I have some suggestions to improve and fix some game mechanics. Wall of text Ranger!


1-) Stat Boosters (ie: LAT Booster, etc) should only take 1~2 tiles in the Shadowgram (except HP Booster) otherwise they become obsolete pretty fast, sometimes even before you actually acquire them. Or remove them from the game (again, except HP Booster).

2-) Create a new Mod Plug that negates Condition decay while using specials. Size: 3x3 and variations (total 6 tiles), comes in different types for each equipment (Head/L Arm/R Arm/Legs/Expansion).

3-) Create a new Mod Plug that decreases Condition decay while attacking to 0 if and ONLY IF that part was NOT used to hit the enemy. Size: 2x2 and variations (total 4 tiles), comes in different types just like the above. This is mainly to fix the usability of certain equipment like many Heads/Legs/Expansion that lose Condition while attacking but it also allows 1 to use most L/R Arms for their skills/specials only as long as they don't regular atk any enemy directly with said Arms equipped. As it is right now, players refrain from using aesthetically pleasing favorites just because of this arbitrary decay and customization greatly suffers from it for no reason.

4-) Change the effect of all "Capsule" type Mods to allow one to save what is currently equipped too instead of choosing what to save only from the Pouch.

5-) Change the effect of "L Container" to Pouch capacity +7. As it is, it's almost never worth using it over M Container.

6-) Change "Chip Up" effect to give +2 to surrounding chips AND make it so Hero Energies can pass right through it. Or remove it from the game.

7-) Increase "Unlosing Boost" Mod Plug to give at least an increase more similar to +20% (or decrease in 20% of enemy kills) and +20% per Hero Energy.

8~) Change "Frugal Eater" Mod Plug effect so it adds +5% chance per Hero Energy to retain items after use.

9-) Change "Pharmacist" Mod Plug to give +25% effect for healing items. Keep that +5% per Hero energy as is.


10-) Create 1 generic weapon (non Dengeki) of the "Other" category that only goes up to Rank 5. This allows 495% at max Condition with "Other" Dengeki weapons at expense of % stat bonuses compared to other ranged atks that can go up to 694% (so it becomes an unique weapon type with pros and cons). As it is, "Other" weapons are just bad and not sustainable.

11-) Create or change 1 generic Gun type weapon to have range 3 (even at Rank 6) and Condition cost of 3% per atk. There's no reson NOT to, considering certain L/R Arms have range 3 and 2% Condition cost, at which point the only unique factor to Guns is the Sharpshooter skill (100% HIT rate) which also requires 1 R Arm part. Because of this, the Condition loss of this combo isn't sustainable even at max Blacksmith and max Caravan for repairs (however, this Arm decay is also fixed by suggestion No.3 on this list). Note: while a cost of 3% is just on the verge of not being viable, suggestion No.2 makes sure this works (via Specials).

12-) Create or change 1 Dengeki Staff type weapon so it takes 3% Condition per atk (as opposed to 4%). Same reason as the above, 4% isn't viable.

13-) Change Staff type weapon regular atk range to 1 diagonal in all directions simultaneously*. This is to justify their costly Condition per atk (unsustainable 4% or barely sustainable at 3% with my suggestion No.12) while also giving them some unique strategical flavour. *It doesn't have to be precisely like this (diagonals), it's just 1 example in order to make their regular unique and useful as opposed to obsolete.

14-) Increase "Human Driller" cost to 2% Condition per atk.


15-) Change "Desperation" effect to +4% damage per Hero Energy, increase the default effect to +30% damage.

16-) Decrease "Helping Hand" skill cost to 4.

17-) Decrease "FOV Expand" skill cost to 2.

18-) Change "Bushido" effect to add +1% damage per tile of Hero Energy. Crossing multiple Hero Energies doesn't offer more bonuses per tile but using different unfused energy as multiple streams still works.

19-) Change "Inorganic Food" and "Organic Food" skills to reduce 2% Condition cost per Hero Energy when you eat some equipment through their ability.

20-) Change "Mana Release"/"SAT Boost"/"LAT Boost" to skill cost 4.

21-) Change "Sleepy Jelly"/"Confuse"/"Poisoning"/"Paralyze"/"Sleep"/"Forget" so status infliction increases with more Hero Energies.

22-) Change "Star Aura" effect to -20% damage from Humanoid and Boss enemies (can't stack other Star Aura skills).

23-) Change "Stomping" skill effects so they only disappear when an item drops and the effect doesn't reset if you take other actions, it just won't increase if you do.

24-) Keep "Practice Swing" to +5% boost per swing but change its Hero Energy cap bonus to +25% per energy.

25-) Change "Auto-Charge" so its effect doesn't disappear when moving to the next floor, only when a Special is activated.

26-) Change "Berserker" effect so atks and specials will either be criticals or deal 30% less damage instead of missing.

27-) Change "Devour Enemy" skills so copied skills only disappear when another skill is copied instead of disappearing when you move to the next floor.

28-) Change "Count Shot" so its effect only disappears when you atk an enemy instead of disappearing when you do any action other than moving, when you get atacked or when changing floors.

29-) Similar to above, change "Count Block" so its effect only disappears when you take a hit (natural misses don't count).

30-) Like above, change "Count Step" so its effect only disappears when an enemy attacks you (regardless of hit or miss).

31-) Like above, change "Count Attack" so its effect only disappears when you atk any enemy.

32-) Change "Warrior Tribe" so it consumes 10 Energy instead of consuming the item with this skill. Does not activate if there isn't enough Energy.

33-) Change "Shadow Dance" Hero Energy bonus to +5% per energy and make sure it stacks with "CQC Evade" and "Ranged Evade". This would allow 100% evasion for either SAT or LAT attacks but not both at the same time.

34-) Change "E Force" to +20% damage to Elemental atks. Keep that +2% bonus per Hero Energy as is.

35-) Change "Head Wind" Hero Energy bonus to +3% per energy.

36-) Change "Light Shadow" so it can stack with Silent Kill.

37-) Change "Seduce" to +50% damage. Keep the +5% bonus from Hero Energies.


38-) Change the Special Cast/Activate system so it's possible to use Specials while Unlosing Modes are filled and ready to use.

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