If you could make your own Neptunia game...

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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby AnimeIsReal » Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:57 am

I have had this idea for a fanfiction for some time, but I believe it would make an incredible game as well.

The initial idea was inspired by the collaboration that created Tokyo Mirage Sessions. A SMT + Fire Emblem crossover now exists, but what if Fire Emblem crossed over with Neptunia instead? hence...

Firedimension Neptunia

Set in the new Firedimension world, the story begins with a new Maker protagonist. Since this is a Fire Emblem crossover, this girl is Inteli (Intelligent Systems). She is a master strategist and tactics planner, but she is not aligned to any nation. The mysterious destruction of her hometown changes this, and circumstances force her into the Console War.

What nation Inteli sides with depends on the players dialogue choices during the first few chapters, after which she joins Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee or Leanbox.

The game is split into routes for each nation, with a fifth appearing after completing the initial four. The nation Inteli sides with will determine your army, with Makers for all routes and exclusive Makers, Oracles and CPUs for each nation.

Planeptune: Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia, Histoire, Compa, IF

Lowee: Blanc, Rom, Ram, Mina

Lastation: Noire, Uni, Kei

Leanbox: Vert, Chika, .5pb, Cave, buyable Ran Rans

N/A (will join your army in all routes): Red, Broccoli, MAGES., Falcom, CyberConnect2, etc. (most established Makers, with possible new additions)

Gameplay: The gameplay is like any other Fire Emblem; Turn-based strategy, moving your army around the map based on the characters movement capability and terrain and facing the enemy army in combat. Victory is attained by a select condition, where you must defeat the boss character, the entire enemy army, capturing a certain space or escaping the battlefield. Some chapters may have a turn time limit, or an endurance test. If game is on Casual setting, fallen characters will flee from battle after their HP reaches 0 and return after he battle. If the game is set to Classic, characters will die permanently when defeated in combat. Plot-crucial characters will flee. Regardless of setting, if Inteli or the CPU of the nation you chose are defeated, it is game over.

Story: The story will vary with each nation, but the common premise is that your nation must defeat the other three and take their shares. After the other nations are defeated, your army will face Arfoire in a climatic battle before the story ends with hegemony of Gamindustri led by your nation. In the fifth story, the Grand Route, Inteli sides with no nation and instead tries to make peace between all four nations and form a coalition against the newly formed ASIC and discover the truth behind her villages attack. This is the most difficult route thanks to limited resources early on and no starting CPUs (though they will join eventually)..

Talk: It is possible to recruit CPUs and Makers of the enemy nations with a Talk feature, similar to Shin Megami Tensei. If Inteli gets close and talks to the enemy character, she will have a dialogue exchange with them and a choice. If the correct choice is picked, there will be a scene after the battle where they will join your army. However, they will have negative affection toward your party, making it difficult to develop their relationships. Talk is not required to recruit in the Grand Route, as everyone will join you as part of the story.

Marriage: The Lily System returns, improved and more significant. Like in the 3DS Fire Emblem games, two characters can be married when their relationship is high enough, with Lily Rank replacing the S-Link. Love between two characters will have unique cutscenes, a cute CG at Rank 10 and will gain stat bonuses, new abilities and Co-op attacks depending on the pairing. The epilogue for a married character will also have a unique change depending on who they married, rather than their generic ending. If Inteli is married, she will have an extra scene with them after the credits, similar to Nepgears alternate endings in MK2.

Misc:Character customization from the main series returns in full force, from weapons to outfits. DLC contains ASIC boss characters and cameos from other games/series.

I realize this would probably never happen in reality, but if there were some crazy circumstances that brought something like this about... I would welcome it.
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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby xnobody13 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:13 pm

CONSOLE: PS4 (VR Compatible possibly)

This might become something. If it does, this idea will be deleted.


Set thousands of years before the creation of the Dimensions, the land of Celestia is preparing for the “Big Bang”. Planned since the beginning of time itself, the High Angels are finally ready to birth the universe, and start life in in the uninhabited void below. Lead by Histoire and accomplice Arfoire, the upcoming year will be the most hectic the Godly land had ever seen.

During this time, the High Angels require their soldiers, the respected “CPU” unit, to make sure every newly created world is free from any “mistakes”. Consisting of the four “Hearts”, the CPU unit is well known as the peacekeepers of Celestia since the beginning of time. They are promised that, should they keep every world alive and well, they will be offered their own dimension, where they can finally peacefully settle down.

Obviously, things never go as planned, but this elite group has nothing to fear. However, as the hectic year progresses forward, a terrible twist awaits our heroes and even Histoire and Arfoire, who are about to see just what history is about to be made…


The game can be said to be split into two halves, differing via the tone. The first half is more of an action-adventure plot, with some goofiness, some seriousness, and a rather basic plot. The second half, however, delves more into psychological areas, with the tone going far more serious. It will start turning in a Tragedy.



Purple Heart Caelus (playable): While the group doesn't have a true leader, Purple Heart is usually the one giving orders. Considered wise and combat-trained, she is usually the one everyone looks up to. Holder of the Holy Blade, She is rather nimble in her stance, and is usually the most balanced compared to the others (good for beginners).

She keeps her emotions to herself, and rarely speaks out against orders. Outside of missions, she usually keeps to herself, and even with friends she tends to stay quiet. She apparently enjoys the thought of the “Big Bang”. Has a mother instinct, and apparently one day hopes to be a mother.

Black Heart Eos (playable): Known Caelus the longest, and possibly the closest with her. Smart and “classically-trained” in the arts of Celestia, she is known as the apparent show-off. Holder of the Holy Bow, she prefers to keep her distance from the enemy, being great in speed.

She tends to be the cocky one, and in some regards she can back herself up. However, perhaps due to Celestia being eternally bright, she fears the dark, as well as anything she can't understand (being Classically-trained, she was taught to know everything). These fears oftentimes cause issues with her allies.

White Heart Hekate (playable): The smallest of the group, and apparently the most adept at magic (at this time still a barely understood concept). Considers the others to be more rivals than friends, though she tends to get along with them well. Holder of the Holy Hammer, she is unique in the fact that she can be both long and short range. Her hammer is great up close, and her magic is even better far away; all to make up for her lack of speed and oddly enough, defense.

Most of the time quiet, Hekate is very easy to start up, and once she is, she can talk and rage for hours at a time. While very knowledgeable in Celestian lore, and being rather booksmart, she tends to let her emotions get the best of her. While enjoying serving with the CPU's, she sometimes fears the others want to get rid of her one day.

Green Heart Freja (playable): The tallest and most sociable of the group. She finds her partners to be like family, and will sacrifice herself for them. Known for her distinct accent of unknown origin. Holder of the Holy Spear, She is blessed with wonderful defense and offense, though her speed is moderate and her range is rather dull. Due to learning from Hekate, she knows some magic, but only the basics.

Freja's origins are a mystery. She is believed to have been born far after Celestia's birth, and she appears to still be learning of the holy land. Her childlike innocence is enhanced by her beauty, which oftentimes leads to arguments with the others. She herself, however, hates arguing, and tries to make everyone happy all the time, at a cost for herself.

All Characters listed above look like the Goddesses of Neptunia's transformed states, with some modifications to make them a little different. The major difference is that they wear medieval-like armor, and formal wear outside of battle. Only Freja looks any different from the other Green Heart, as her hair is black and, er, bust is smaller. Hekate also has Blanc's regular hair color instead of blue. All of their eyes are just the color of their respective Heart color, with no power symbols.


Arfoire (playable): One of the Highest Angels in all of Celestia. Born with the land, and great friends with Histoire. While uncommon in her ranks, she apparently possesses similar powers to the CPU's. Holder of the Holy Trident, she is rather bad at combat (never being properly trained), though she is one of the few who possess magic, and she is extremely adept with it. She is well known for her healing properties.

While the overseer of the “Big Bang” event, Histoire actually recommends Arfoire to join the CPU's, for her powers will hopefully aid them on their rather big mission. She is a great ally and even at times a leader, but perhaps due to the stress of being out on the field, she loses her cool often. During the adventure, she apparently grows more and more distant…

SPOILER ->: She has the appearance she had at the end of Re;Birth. How she gets to her usual appearance will be found later on.END SPOILER

Histoire: One of the Highest Angels in all of Celestia. Born with the land, and great friends with Arfoire. She is noted as a tome, with her pages being infinite in length. While never being instructed to do so, Histoire made it her mission to record all of History as it happens. While obviously not really having anything to do with them, the CPU's hold her as an honorary member due to her helpfulness.

While sometimes lamenting that she is smaller than everyone else, the tome still takes her job completely seriously, hoping that the dimensions will be created without error. She knows of all the terrible things that can occur, but she tends not to worry about them. While usually strict and observant, she can be rather playful at times.

Iris: Official messenger of Celestia and the CPU's. She is the person behind the save portals in every dimension. She does not agree with the whole dimension thing, fearing that the new worlds will soon take over and destroy Celestia, but she still is forced to go with it. Due to her goodwill and nature, she is viewed as a Big Sister of sorts.

Lady Emul: A mysterious women often considered to be in charge of all of Celestia. She is never seen without her red robe, and even then she is rarely seen to begin with. Known for her powerful voice and stubborn attitude, she is considered to be the mightiest in the land, being able to destroy the dimensions with the wave of a finger, though she refuses to interfere. Considers Arfoire to be a pest, and someone to look out for.


Artifacts: The bizarre creatures born from errors. They form into lifeforms, hellbent on devouring all of existence. They communicate via a hivemind with their ruler; without him, they merely wander without a goal. The more there are, the more powerful they get, and as long as one lives, they can multiply infinitely. It is said that they can turn into monsters when powerful enough.

Missing Man: A strange “Glitch” that occurred in the creation of the first dimension. While the Artifacts are stupid and without a mind, Missing Man somehow evolved to have one, and soon discovered the power to control the rest of the monsters. Believing Celestia to be a hellish wasteland, he will stop at nothing until they along with every dimension, is devoured. Considered one of the main antagonists for the first half.

Mysterious Mist: An old, black mist that floats throughout the void. Born with Celestia, many still believe it to be a myth, but as the dimensions grow, it begins to appear far more often. It corrupts whatever it touches, even Artifacts, and absorbs them. While believed to not have a mind of its own, some say it can talk through the mind. Arfoire is frightened by it, and tries not to speak about it. Considered one of the main antagonists for the second half.

Defectors: Angels of Celestia that refused to serve there any longer. With the creation of the Dimensions, they quickly try to take over whatever land they can. While fearing them, they soon team up with Missing Man, and eventually the Mysterious Mist. They possess great power, and as they know the secrets of Celestia, they may know the CPU's weaknesses…

Criore: An unknown entity that never appears in game; they are only explained through logs made by the enemy. They describe her as a floating tome, always acting lost. Whenever she gets somewhere, that dimension slowly fades away. As the notes go on, she begins to sound more and more devilish...


The hud world (and occasional battlefield) is Celestia, which is a mixture of a Giant Castle and castle town. It is rather abstract in design, and larger than anything man can make. Half of the game will be spent here, while the other half takes place in the tiny dimensions still forming. Due to their early age, they are abstract as well, but most are more natural looking. Some locations will look like parts of Gamindustri. The Graveyard will appear as a more hellish world than before.

Worlds aren't usually completed in one go, and most of the levels are not fully open until later on in the game.


1. Celestia – Hud world of the game, and occasional battlefield. Split into two parts; Castle, and Castle town. It is rather large and abstract, taking a dreamlike look with heavy emphasis on warm colors, similar to a clear morning. Filled with big, open spaces, along with bustling streets and hallways full of Heavenly patrons.

2. Dimension PRO 1 – First dimension created during “Big Bang”. Has the appearance of a village overrun by vegetation. World is mostly complete, with most of the land looking natural. Level is wide, though dense and labryinth-like with all of the forests. Weather is dangerous and changes quickly, and the day/night cycle isn't completed, switching at random moments.

3. Undercove – Dimension that is 10% grassy plains, 90% ocean. Most of the level takes place under the sea, where thanks to the lack of physic laws, our heroes can walk on the seafloor. Filled with puzzles, and due to being underwater, it is rather dark. World is mostly complete, though the boundaries aren't done, leading to falls to your demise.

4. Battallion – A war-like dimension, very incomplete. Rain, while small, consists of cannonballs, which if they don't hit a target, turns into Artifacts. Level spirals downwards into a mine, which appears to climb up. Gravity is low in this world. Area is very compact, and platforming is a must. Home base of Missiing Man.

5. Planet Kween – Misleading title. All that is created is a space station hanging above nothing. Later on in the game a planet will appear, though only in tiny fragments not resembling anything. Very puzzled based, and probably the level with the fewest enemies.

6. Land of the Butterflies – A rather complete world. Inhabitants exist, and culture is created. Looks like a serene castle location right out of a fairy tale. Only problem is that seasons are not finished, and thus they change randomly and sporadically. In winter, your health constantly decreases, while it constantly increases during Spring. Summer gives you infinite magic, while Fall takes away all magic and healing items.

7. Isle Mixup – A rather complete world. An island that can't decide whether to have Western style or eastern style. Inhabitants within war over these ideals, all the while Artifacts and deposed Angels run rampant. Due to the undetermined layout, the level is very mazelike, with nearly 100 paths throughout. If the player causes too much damage to one side, that side will turn on them

8. Cave of the Feline – A strange, snowy world with a size issue. The caves look more like houses, and whenever entered everybody is turned into the size of a mouse. The cat inhabitants naturally enjoy this. Thus, this world is more about surviving than exploring, and incorporates stealth. For some bizarre reason, the Felines can't be harmed by the Artifacts or the mist. It is being researched as to why.

9. CES Fontaine – A floating ship in the void; not a dimension. Ships like this commonly float around the void to collect whatever fell in, but for whatever reason this one was abandoned hastily. Many angels hide here now as a makeshift fort, though all are unaware of the Mist's presence. Mostly a puzzle level, though many parts of the ship will have players running from the mist.

10. Angel Junkyard – A dimension created for the sole purpose of discarding unused dimensions. At least 30 dimensions exist, all in a state of disrepair, being destroyed by the Missing Man. Each room changes dimension, ranging from a volcano to a science lab. Oddly enough, there are inhabitants, all trying to survive the everchanging landscape. They pretend that nothing is wrong.

11. Angel Amusements – An amusement park dimension filled with, well, entertainment. For most of the game, this is a non-combat world, Only serving as a place to further plot, hold tournaments, and various distractions. It will later sport enemies in the hud world when things get bad.

12. Cyber-Conne – Some say that all internet-based functions came from this ancient dimension. A world full of knowledge and paths, with the dimension being inhabited by bizarre, squid-like creatures that somehow know more than the Angels. Unfortunately, they can't fight, meaning the vast majority of the world is extremely dangerous. Level is very straightforward though with multiple paths, and it currently has the most environmental hazards.

13. Celestian Underbelly - A mirror world of Celestia. Unlike its brighter, dreamier counterpart, this Celestia is bent and dark, with neon and smoke filling the streets. All the angels have been corrupted, and even the city came alive, and it wants nothing more than to see you dead. This place is rather odd, in the fact that it wasn't created in the Big Bang. Histoire, for whatever reason, is not allowed to record data from it.

14. Land of Fallen Heroes – A village styled after a library. Only one inhabitant resides here, though he claims that the rest of his kind reside in the books around him. The world has a bizarre nostalgic feel to the CPU's, even though they have never been here before. The book worlds look suspiciously similar to the dungeons from the first Neptunia and regular Mk2. As the world has a creepy atmosphere, the book worlds are inconsistent, and it is likely that the player will get lost as portals change their destination.

15. Dis - A land entirely cast in shadow. Only a tiny ray of light appears at the very core, though even that appears to be fading. The world, obviously, is just beginning, and yet it appears far more complete than it lets on. It is said that if one were to look into the light, their worst nightmares will appear before them. It doesn't take long to understand what that means.

16. The Graveyard – Before Gamindustri combined with it, the Graveyard was perfect for the evils of Celestia. For the deposed Angels and workers that were deemed unfit to live by the Good Angels, The Graveyard is a hellish wasteland filled with lost souls, damned to wander aimlessly without a purpose ever arriving. The land is very grim and muted, with only the sound of a nasty wind being the only good company. As this level is traversed for the first time halfway through, it signals a major tone shift in the story.

17. Gamindustri – The dimension that is promised to the CPU's once their job is done and the Big Bang succeeds. As of now, it is a land filled with only the sea and a few mountaintops breaking through. A raging monsoon is blasting above, never ending while the sea charges in every direction. The lands that we come to know have not been made yet, and right now, very little exists. It must be shocking to see how the world becomes the one we know.

18. The Everlasting Void – The lowest part of the void is barely touched, and even to this day, it remains the last remnant of nothingness that the Big Bang couldn't reach. A purplish glow exists in the sky, with only tiny walkways existing. A raging lightning storm strikes the unknown. Not much else is known about this section, and it is highly recommended to stay as far away from it as possible, lest you want to be lost forever.

19. The Currents – Not really a world as much as it is the highways between worlds. Think of the gummi ship segments from KH. Each world has its own highway, and they need to be cleared before the group can continue on. As they are highly dangerous with Artifacts, traversal outside of the ship is prohibited.

20 – 500. Scout Dimensions – As the previous dimensions have quite a lot of things to clear up, the remaining close-by dimensions will need to be explored by the scouts issued by the High Angels. They have basic descriptions, and are either small enough or don't have any errors that the CPU's never need to explore them. Most of the game references exist within these worlds. Scouts will be described below.



The best way to describe the gameplay is to simply say it's like Kingdom Hearts, but probably with a little more focus on strategically-timed button presses. Depending on how rapid the attack button is pressed, how long it is held down, and how long between presses will change the move accordingly. Magic also has a major use, being incorporated into its own menu, which can be easily opened on the fly.

The more enemies defeated in the world, as well as how long the player is in a world, will determine the state of the enemies. Both variables will actually increase the difficulty of the monsters. Items can be used to keep this at bay. Think of it as a precursor to MB.

There are five characters that can be played as, and each have their strengths and weaknesses; for example, only a few characters can use magic, while the rest must focus on physical strength. As the battlefield is always open, the player has a lot of room to improvise strategies; should the battle get too hectic, the player can escape by getting far from the area (does not apply to bosses and plot battles).

As the characters defeat enemies, strange energy is absorbed. Considered the precursor to shares, this energy can be used by the CPU's to transform into a stronger form for a limited time. This increases all stats, and if applied, gives the character infinite magic. They can also fly temporarily in this state. Once the state ends, though, the character will not only lose these benefits, but all stats are decreased by half for some time. Strategically choose when to deploy this mode.

While 5 characters are playable, only 3 can be brought along at a time. The other two can either be stationed somewhere else, or they could be “buddied” with other characters. When buddied, They can assist the character if certain conditions are met. If bonds are high enough, other benefits could occur, such as curing the player or giving them items.

On the field, characters can unleash “team-up” attacks, where up to all five can combine their powers into one big super-attack. These attacks differ depending on characters and bonds, and the stronger the bond, the more powerful the attack.

Players can switch between who to play as at any time, and can even choose to just have one person go out (if the plot demands it, the rest of the characters will be added by default). Game is over when all three on the field fall.

Leveling up works as you'd expect; beat up enemies and complete missions to gain experience. Each weapon, power-up, and magic have their own levels as well, depending on how much they're used and if certain missions are completed. You find and earn better equipment as the game progresses.


Think of the gummi ship segments, but probably more bullet hell-ish. Their will be ranks and tiny missions to complete in each one, but never fear; there won't be any needless grinding in these sections. Ships can be customizable into whatever the player wants.


Outside of fighting, the game is about exploration and puzzle-solving. As the worlds are still evolving, pathways aren't finished and ideas aren't thought out. Thus, the CPU's must often make their own paths throughout. Puzzles range from the mundane mazes to the more complicated perspective screws. Psychological puzzles are planned.

There will be collectibles, because why wouldn't there be? Hidden items will make a return (only Eos can find them), and thousands of chests and hidden logs will be spread out the worlds.

Celestia and a few of the worlds have tiny hub areas, where quests are posted from the mysterious Guild. Shops are also found here, and even tournaments depending on dimension. Chances to bond with teammates and other allies can also occur, which leads me to…


Similar to Lily Ranks, Bonds between characters will result in changes to the plot and combat. The ending will be similar regardless, but various aspects will be changed based on bonds. Bonds are raised via chatting outside of battle, partnering up often, and keeping them alive while in a party. Non-playable characters have bonds as well, where improving or disproving them will affect shop items, quests, and of course the plot.

Yes, you can ruin a bond as much as you can improve one. Besides screwing up in battle, certain cutscenes have choices the player can make, which will determine the course of the character's relationships. Even if a group is at 100%, the number can easily diminish. Always keep an eye on this stuff.


Scouts return with a brand new additions. Within Celestia and even in the dimensions, the player can call upon their scouts to search different sectors of the universe. Hundreds of tiny dimensions lie in waiting, with some discovered via plot, others only via scouts.

The trust mechanic also returns, with differing rewards given for correct and incorrect choices. Scouts this time around have trust levels based on their known data. Even trustworthy scouts may lie if you pair them with a bad scout. Unfortunately, you may not know about a scout until you use them.

Now here's the interesting part. You have 50 scouts from the start. The maximum number is 75. Sadly, scouts can die in this game, and if they do, they do not come back. You can actually wind up with all of your scouts dead, making various items and quests missable. Scouts will send distress signals if they are in danger, and usually they can be saved; just make sure their savior is safe. Be warned; scouts can kill other scouts.

In order to determine things about your scout, there is an emotion chart. This shows their stress levels, current mood, and even facial movement. They also come with a tiny backstory that can clue you in on certain aspects. If you want them to live and be trustworthy, you better not ignore this stuff.


The game will probably realistically run on Unreal Engine 4, though we are still determining. Aesthetically, we want it to have a Valkyria Chronicles look, with watercolors being prominent. Shadowing will also play a major role, giving it a rather Noir-fantasy look; nostalgic, but slightly off-putting. Colors are mostly bright throughout, with the tone shift bringing in calmer colors (blues and other assortments).


Bringing back some KH connections. If one of the soundtracks would fit this game, it would be BBS (that may give a bigger clue as to how this game works). In other words, the game will have more of an orchestra feeling to it, in order to capture the dreamlike quality of a lot of the worlds.


Trophies are tentative, and are subject to change. To not spoil anything, all plots are hidden.

Till We Meet Again (Platinum) – Thank you
An Energized Soul (Bronze) – Felled the game on Beginner
The Frenzied Beast (Silver) – Felled the game on Regular (stackable with beginner)
The Pained Goddess (Gold) – Felled the game on Angel (not stackable)
Enriched in the Pocket (Gold) – Own 255,255,255,000 Gold at one time
Never Shall be Broken (Gold) – Raised the bonds with every character to 100% at least once (MISSABLE)
A Harp plays silently (Gold) – Enjoyed all the tracks of the game (MISSABLE)
The Guild rides on (Gold) – Successfully completed every quest (MISSABLE)
Clean for another day (Gold) – Successfully discovered and saved all Scout Dimensions (MISSABLE)
Prepared for the night (Gold) – Successfully leveled all equipment and powerups to max level (MISSABLE)
Champion of Celestia (Gold) – Successfully felled all tournaments (MISSABLE)
Prized Ship succeeds (Silver) – Achieve S-rank in all ship missions
A party fit for Celestia (Silver) – Successfully leveled all characters to their respective max levels (MISSABLE)
Never unprepared (Silver) – Purchased everything from the store at least once (MISSABLE)
The Guild watches carefully (Silver) – Complete 50% of quests (MISSABLE)
The Power to kill a God (Silver) – Achieve 999,999,999,999 damage in one encounter
Clumsy Fools (Bronze) – Have every character fall in battle at least once (MISSABLE)
Forgive me (Bronze) – Have Histoire save you in battle (MISSABLE)
Teamwork saves lives (Bronze) – Perform 100 team attacks (MISSABLE)
Not afraid (Bronze) – Defeat a boss (could be in tournament) with no equipment, teammates, or special skills
Clearer of death (Bronze) – Felled 2,000 Artifacts
Clean as a fiddle (Bronze) – Wash yourself after a hellish fight
Painful to you (Bronze) – Screwed up so much, you aren't allowed to save (MISSABLE)
Return from the dead (Bronze) – Defeat the Mysterious Enemy
She wants you (Bronze) – Defeat Delphinus
It summoned you (Bronze) – Defeat Subnet
You will die (Bronze) – Defeat the Trinity Light
Tournament Goddesses (Bronze) – Defeat Lee-Fi and Wyn
Living on the edge (Bronze) – Survive 10 minutes in a level 3 hazard dimension
Power unlike anything else (Bronze) – Remain transformed for 3 full minutes (cutscenes don't count)


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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby Lan-kun » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:36 pm

Clean For Another Day (Gold) - Successfully discovered and saved all Scout Dimensions

20 - 500. Scout Dimensions

You have 50 scouts from the start. The maximum number is 75. Sadly, scouts can die in this game, and if they do, they do not come back. You can actually wind up with all of your scouts dead, making various items and quests missable. Scouts will send distress signals if they are in danger, and usually they can be saved; just make sure their savior is safe. Be warned; scouts can kill other scouts.

Hoo, boy... Now that's what I call an achievement.
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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby Porecomesis » Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:15 pm

Not exactly a game idea but I was thinking: if Neptunia got a character-based shooter game, what guns would they get? My thoughts so far are:

Two semi-automatic pistols. Emphasis is on reload speed and rate of fire, although they can do decent damage all things considered. Spray and let 'em pray, she'd say; no need for tactics or technique when you can drown the enemy in bullets.

A very ornate and very powerful revolver. Six shots, six kills. Reload speed is low, as is the firing speed, but the bullets are very powerful. The CPU of Lastation does not miss and she's never caught off-guard. You don't need to rely on others if you never miss.

Sniper rifle. Good heavens, they're all going at it down there, aren't they? It helps to have someone level-headed watch the playing field with the Sylhet Spear.

Rocket launcher. A big rocket launcher, mind you; a weapon like hers needs a lot of room. Get too close to her and she'll blow you away. Also comes with a secondary function to fire multiple homing rockets simultaneously, Gerflugsten style (I can't remember the name, so sue me. What's with all the German?).

Railgun. Put Planeptune's tech and Nepgear's engineering prowess together and you get a top-of-the-line weapon that, when fully charged, can penetrate multiple enemies. Sever them celestially, if you will. Really works well at a range, so she can sit right next to Vert and snipe enemies with much more destructive and position-revealing rays (much to Neptune's chagrin).

Scoped rifle. Not quite a sniper rifle, not quite an assault rifle. Semi-automatic, more suited to mid-range combat than anything. She can snipe and mow down enemies alike, just like her sister can (s-she's not jealous Noire can do it with one hand, okay?!).

Ram + Rom:
In all honesty, I haven't quite figured these two out. I thought maybe Ram could use some kinda freeze ray but then I got stuck on Rom. Maybe the two of 'em could actually play as one character; they both hold some giant weapon, like a minigun or a missile pod or a charged particle cannon or whatever.

Tesla gun. A slow and painful punishment, also homes in on nearby prey too simple-minded to think they can get away.

Again, dunno. I'm leaning towards a double-barreled shotgun. Lotta gun, loud as thunder, and can cut a villain clean in half.

Photon blaster. Looks like a handgun, kinda meek, and more for self-defense... unless you charge it up, in which case whoever your intended target is better be ready for their day to be ruined.

Need I even say it? Dubstep gun. Or JRock gun. Whatever suits.

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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby Lan-kun » Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:50 am

Porecomesis wrote:
Ram + Rom:
In all honesty, I haven't quite figured these two out. I thought maybe Ram could use some kinda freeze ray but then I got stuck on Rom. Maybe the two of 'em could actually play as one character; they both hold some giant weapon, like a minigun or a missile pod or a charged particle cannon or whatever.

Ram has a freeze ray while Rom has an icicle shooter; one freezes enemies in place while the other trots by the hapless schmucks to give them happy little headshots.


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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby KamikazeK » Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:52 pm

If I could make any neptunia game, it would be a standard turn-based RPG like the other games. Big Neptune would be the protagonist, and the story would revolve around her adventures with Croir through different dimensions. There would be some evil plots afoot, of course, and the party would put a stop to it during their travels, like any other RPG.

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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby xnobody13 » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:15 pm

This information is tied to the above "Neptunia: Those Who Came Before." Once more, If this becomes something, this will probably vanish.

Note: these are very spoilery. Read at your own caution.

1. Forward, Brave CPU'S! (Bronze) - Set upon your grand journey to maintain the dimensions
2. Into the Unknown (Bronze) - Defeat an Artifact Keeper
3. Heathens of Celestia (Bronze) - Defeated the Defector Swarm, and met Criore
4. Forever Unknown (Bronze) - Defeated the Missing Man for the first time
5. A Night for a Lifetime (Bronze) - Enjoyed a splendid party under the stars with your comrades
6. To a New Generation (Bronze) - See the early forms of Neptune and the other Goddesses, still yet to earn life
7. Shame Upon All (Bronze) - Defeat Missing Man once more, and saved Celestia from a possible invasion
8. The Mist Beckons (Bronze) - Found Arfoire in the dilapidated Graveyard
9. Why Can't I Live? What did I do Wrong? (Bronze) - Defeated Missing Man, and end his terror once and for all.
10. Destruction of Life (Bronze) - Saved Celestia during the Corrupted Attack
11. One Falls to the floor; four remain (Bronze) - Fought Arfoire
12. To Death Goes the mind (Bronze) - Watch as Arfoire begins her descent by the Mysterious Mist
13. You Can't Go On (Bronze) - Nearly perish in the world of Dis
14. The Reaper Claims Another (Bronze) - Farewell to Hekate, who's death shall not go in vain
15. Goodbye, Arfoire (Bronze) - Witness the last breath of her old life, and the beginning of a new one...
16. Two of Us (Bronze) - Reflect on the year gone by, wondering what you did wrong
17. Never Again Shall it Claim (Bronze) - Escape the Mist with your life
18. Embrace the Flames together (Bronze) - Entered the Final Battle. Till Death do you part.
19. Face Death With Pride (Silver) - Accept your fate. Goodbye, Caelus.
20. To the New Generation (Gold) - May your children live their lives in peace.

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Re: If you could make your own Neptunia game...

Postby Dumbrarere » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:52 pm

I'd make an RTS game that follows the course of my fanfic The Neptunia Chronicles.
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