Rebirth vs Original *SPOILERS*

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Rebirth vs Original *SPOILERS*

Postby Electric_Ashes » Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:48 am

Given the number of people complaining about how Rebirth 2 and possibly 3 didn't changed their stories I have to ask, I am the only person who considered "changing the story" to be a negative thing?

One of my biggest gripes with Rebirth's story is that it made everything too black and white.

Take Avenir for example. In the original story only Neptune was really proclaiming them to be evil right from the start while IF and Compa were dismissive of the notion. Sure, Avenir was cold, rude and ruthless, but they didn't really do anything outright evil (well until they tried to kill the party) and as such IF and Compa saw no problem with taking them on as clients. In Rebirth however pretty much everyone agrees on how EVIL Avenir is right from the start and the only reason the party accepted work from them was so that they could spy on them. Also, I can't see why Rebirth Avenir would want to usurp Noire because as Chian pointed out in the original, "No point if there's no goddess."

And then there's Conversation. In the original there was nothing about her that suggested that she was evil. She was just someone who was more knowledgable about the console war then any other Basilicom staff and was someone who can be rather strict with Blanc. In Rebirth however, one of the first things she tries to do is frame the party of being Momus worshipers.

And it's not just the villains.

In the original game, IF was pretty much forced into the party and as such had no real loyalty to Neptune. Admittedly we all knew that she wouldn't really poison Neptune but we can't say that it would be impossiblilty. In Rebirth, IF became fast friends with party and was more than happy to join. As such the notion that she would actually poison Neptune would of been laughable and not to mention out of character.

As for the CPUs themselves, I find it ridicules that in Rebirth they became friends with Neptune and each other the very second they actually talked to each other. I know it was so that the CPUs would join the party much sooner than the last second but it makes it seem like that the console war was really no big deal. In the original, they wouldn't even give Neptune the time of day until she got her memories back.

At the time of this writing I haven't gotten the true ending yet. So unless something happened at the very last second I can only assume that Neptune never got her memories back in Rebirth. Which I would consider to be Rebirth's biggest flaw. The original game's best moment, in my opinion was when Neptune tired to leave the party and then after being defeated she realised what a spoiled brat she used to be.

Don't get me wrong, I still feel that Rebirth is a much better game, but I still think the original had the better story.

How about the rest of you? How do you feel Rebirth's story compared to the original's?

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Re: Rebirth vs Original

Postby Daverost » Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:59 am

Re;Birth1 is basically the CliffsNotes version of the original game. It gets the main point across, but you miss a lot of the stuff that makes the original's story so good. All of the little intricacies of relationships and plot points are out the window.
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Re: Rebirth vs Original *SPOILERS*

Postby xizro345 » Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:32 am

The original had a disjointed story with only a few funny scenes. It wasn't that good to begin with. The Lastation plot in the original made absolutely no sense, so I'm quite surprised to see people "defending" it.
The war in the original made little sense as well unless you completed the extra stuff for the true ending, and even in that case the whole rivalry between the goddesses was kind of stupid and never really explained. I think they go a lot more in detail in Re;Birth1 about that, especially with Noire.

I'm actually glad they removed a lot of the subplots of the original, because they really went nowhere (and Yunimites was actually even more far-fetched). Considering the story is the only part of Re;birth1 that actually works...

It gets the main point across, but you miss a lot of the stuff that makes the original's story so good. All of the little intricacies of relationships and plot points are out the window.

It should be pointed out that the original had the text "altered" by NISA, so I'm not sure you're discussing at what was originally intended.

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Re: Rebirth vs Original *SPOILERS*

Postby shadowmaksim » Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:46 pm

Considering that I think "Re;Birth1" ended up being the least enjoyable entry of the series so far, even below "PP", I think it's obvious which one I consider to be "better", subjectively speaking.

While the original is much more disjointed, I still prefer it over what "Re;Birth1" ultimately was.

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