"What would you do?" - Nep 4 Dead edition

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"What would you do?" - Nep 4 Dead edition

Postby speed1230 » Fri May 06, 2016 7:14 am

Over on the Gamindustri sub-reddit, there was a recent trend of "What would you do" posts. I jumped on the bandwagon with a special Nep 4 Dead edition that is based on stuff I've jotted down for N4D just for me to test out a few things and see what people would reply with.

I remembered that the NISA forums also had a "What would you do" thread, so I thought I'd repost it here to see what people here would do. I intentionally separated this from the other "What would you do" thread because the scenarios here require much more reading and so posting in that thread (which from what I've seen has much smaller scenarios) would ruin the pacing.

For those who don't know what Nep 4 Dead is, it's my personal Source Filmmaker project where several of the Neps get trapped in Left 4 Dead 2, a zombie game. The story line is darker than the average Neptunia story, so expect the scenarios to be more dark and serious than some of the other scenarios that have been posted on the other "What would you do" thread.

I'll post scenarios for each featured character in Nep 4 Dead (barring Uzume as I haven't played VII yet); Basically, what would you do in that scenario if you were that character?

You don't need to have any knowledge of Left 4 Dead (2) to answer these scenarios; I intentionally created basic scenarios of the Neps trapped in a zombie apocalypse so that anyone can answer them.

Feel free to answer as few or as many of the scenarios as you want. I'm curious to what everyone will do.

One major note: none of the CPU (Candidate)s can transform for these scenarios - part of the N4D story line is that none of them can transform as there are no Shares in the world of Left 4 Dead 2.


You and Blanc have known each other for a long time, having fought hard as enemies in the Console Wars. At some point, however, you formed a truce with Blanc and the two of you became much more friendly to each other. You visited Blanc often and would often play games and eat pudding with her. She really appreciated the times you visited her, as she was the only CPU until your arrival and it was the first time that anyone had been friendly to her. There were various times where she wanted to discuss something important to you, but you had to dash off to do some other things which appeared to make Blanc sad.

As soon as Noire and Vert entered the Console Wars, you decided to spend time with them. During this time, Blanc started to distance herself slightly.

Of the new CPUs, you got on the most with Noire. She was a fun one to tease, and you enjoyed seeing her reactions to it. As time went by, you learned to see past her tsundereness, and Noire began to warm up to you. Despite her saying otherwise, you knew deep down (and Noire too) that Noire really liked being around you. You continued to visit Noire often when you ditched your CPU duties, much to Histoire's anger. At times, Noire would appear fidgety around you, but you dismissed it as her not being used to not being a loner as usual.

Recently, in the zombie apocalypse, Noire wanted to discuss something really important to you and you decide to listen in. It turns out to be her confessing her feelings to you and, appreciating how cute Noire was, the two of you become an item. However, it was at that point that you realised you might have really hurt Blanc mentally by ignoring her feelings for all these years. You decide to look for her after spending time with Noire.

You find Blanc and immediately apologise to her. Blanc is confused. Then, you explain to her your bad feelings that you have been ignoring Blanc's feelings towards you. Throughout the conversation, Blanc's face became increasingly sadder and sadder, until when you ask her if she had been trying to confess to you those times. At that point, Blanc hugged you and broke down into tears, crying into your shoulder - your suspicions had been correct. Blanc reveals that she still had feelings for you, even though she was very aware that you and Noire had recently got together and that she had set up the various scenarios that would lead to Noire confessing to you.

Blanc continues to cry into your shoulder.

As Neptune, what would you do?


For a while, you have noticed that your relationship with your younger sister Uni had become very precarious. This is caused by your strict discipline on her in order for her to become a fully-fledged CPU.

Upon reuniting with Uni and her friends, you unintentionally cause an argument with Uni who denounces you and calls you the "worst older sister in the universe".

Ever since that incident, Uni would never look in the eye and if she did, she would give you the most venomous glare. She ignores all your attempts of having a conversation with her and seemingly appears to refuse to acknowledge your existence.

As Noire, what would you do?


You reunited with your younger twin sisters some time ago and you are glad that they are okay. They became much stronger and more capable since you last saw them in combat in the real world.

But ever since Rom died, Ram began to act very weirdly. Gone is the free-spirited, pranky little sister who would often get on your nerves - now, Ram is completely broken. Not infrequently, Ram would talk to herself as if Rom was still at her side. In extreme cases, Ram's delusions lead her to seeing visions of Rom.

This is obviously concerning, as her older sister.

As Blanc, what would you do?


One day, you developed a fully immersive version of Left 4 Dead 2 that utlilises your Kinect. You tested the game out yourself and declared it a huge success. As a game best enjoyed with friends, you invite the other 3 CPUs over to your house to play the game together.

On launching the game, you and the other CPUs get sucked into the game. This would later lead to the CPU Candidates to also jump into the game in order to save all the CPUs when they learned of their disappearance.

Despite reuniting, you have witnessed your friends die one by one; You saw the anguish on Nepgear's face and heard her scream of terror as she saw Neptune die right in front of her.

All of this because your own device experienced a glitch on that fateful day.

As Vert, what would you do?


You have become more confident during the events of the zombie apocalypse and reunite with your older sister Neptune and the other CPUs. Neptune keeps lamenting that she's not being a good older sister to you, and you have to keep insisting to her that you can protect yourself.

You let your guard down at some point, and Neptune throws herself in front of you to take the blow for you. She was sent flying and smashed into a nearby lamp post before laying motionless on the road, a pool of blood beginning to form under her.

As Nepgear, what would you do?


You had jumped into the game to save your sister to prove to your older sister Noire that you really are capable of being a fully-fledged CPU. On reuniting, however, the only thing you received was a slap for initiating an attack that could have killed yourself, even though that saved Noire and the other CPUs.

Having spent all these years trying to prove yourself to Noire, it was at that point where you lose your reason for being and fall into depression. Realising there was no longer anything to live for, you proceed to take your own life with your pistol. Just before you could pull your trigger, Nepgear tackles you to the ground, begging you not to shoot yourself.

You are lying on the grass, with Nepgear hugging you tightly and your pistol still in your hand. Your reason for being was rendered null after Noire slapped you.

As Uni, what would you do?


Your younger twin Ram has always been looking out for you ever since the two of you, Nepgear and Uni jumped into the game to save your sisters. Ram was always there to wipe your tears away if you cried, always there to hold your hand if you got scared and always there to protect you if you screamed.

One night, while everyone was sleeping, you hear a familiar voice softly sobbing beside you. Opening your eyes slowly, and turning to the direction of the sobbing, you realise that Ram is crying in her sleep. Concerned, you wake her up. Ram jolts as you do so, staring at you with teary eyes momentarily before shouting your name and giving you a really tight hug.

Ram: You're still here right?! You're still here with me aren't you?!

She pulls back briefly to check if it's really you, and hugs you again when she realises that it is.

Ram: T-Thanks goodness... [sniffle] I thought I'd never see you again...

You couldn't see her face, but it was very obvious that Ram was crying. It was clear that she had a nightmare but what Ram said puzzled you, so you asked her what happened.

Ram: You better not tell anyone about this, okay Rom?! Especially Uni! P-Promise you won't cry when I tell you, 'kay?

Nodding obediently, Ram pulls back again to look at you directly and begins to explain what happened.

Ram: Something... Something bad happened to you... Like, really, REALLY bad! You... [hic] Rom you... Died...

Ram breaks down completely after that, begging you not to start crying, and you are shocked both for what she said and that she was crying her eyes out right in front of you.

Ram: I'm scared...! I'm so scared, Rom...! I really don't want you to die Rom... I'll never be able to play with you, laugh with you or see you ever again... I really don't want that... We're twins so... Us two are always meant to be together! If you die then... I don't know what I'd do...

Never has Ram let her guard down like this in front of you; This is the first time you saw Ram's vulnerable side in the zombie apocalypse.

As Rom, what would you do?


You and Uni had been at odds with each other ever since you and the other CPU Candidates jumped into the game. While Uni was the one who taught you how to use a gun, she was always nagging at you for not putting your gun on safety and lacking gun discipline, as well as bringing about unnecessary risks for the party. This annoyed you, as she was constantly belittling you and being a huge jerk about it, rather than being polite.

As the zombie apocalpyse went on, you started to mature and you begin to realise that Uni was only trying to protect you and that she cared more about you than you had previously thought. However, the two of you would still argue.

Uni was killed before you could properly apologise to her. She died without knowing you were actually sorry for all the mean things you said to her and making her angry all this time.

As Ram, what would you do?


After not seeing any signs of the CPUs and/or the CPU Candidates coming back to the real world, you decide to jump into the game to see what's going on for yourself.

You find the CPUs, who had already reunited with their sisters and all was well. The only thing left to do was to find a way back to the real world.
You notice that the zombie apocalypse has changed some of your friends considerably, Neptune for instance looked more sombre than the last time you talked to her in the real world.

The worst affected person, however, was Vert; Vert is struggling to endure all the guilt because she feels directly responsible for causing this mess. Due to this, Vert has injured herself frequently, is over-apologising for her mistakes and is constantly over-doing herself to try and protect everyone.

This worries you, because at the current pace, Vert could end up killing herself.

As IF, what would you do?


You struggle to control the HDD bleeding effect that causes you to suddenly behave menacingly and threatening towards your friends, who you cherish so much. You have been withstanding this instability of yours for a while, but it has become harder to combat as of recently.

One day, while the 4 CPUs have a massive argument with each other, you lose control of yourself and turn against them trying to stop their arguing.

Although you successfully stop them from arguing, you ended up hurting Neptune - almost killing her - in the process.

This was by far the worst case of HDD bleeding that you have experienced, especially that you almost killed your precious friend, Neptune.

As Plutia, what would you do?
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Re: "What would you do?" - Nep 4 Dead edition

Postby Lan-kun » Fri May 06, 2016 7:39 am

Can I just say "Holy fuck, speedy! These scenarios just gave me a writer's boner!" first and foremost?

Cause FAK, I had a flippin' mental orgasm reading these!

G-Give me a moment before I edit this post here with my what would X do's. <3
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Re: "What would you do?" - Nep 4 Dead edition

Postby vampko » Fri May 06, 2016 11:02 am

Sorry, tragedy's not really my jive. I can read it, but write it? I'm pretty terrible.
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Re: "What would you do?" - Nep 4 Dead edition

Postby Yasanagi » Fri May 06, 2016 4:19 pm

Everyone dies to the Tank. The end. :lol:

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Re: "What would you do?" - Nep 4 Dead edition

Postby FireDatPrinneh » Fri May 06, 2016 6:57 pm

Everyone' gone up to the rooftop in vain 'cause Noire made Neptune think the rescue helicopter is made of pudding and then died shortly after. :D

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