[North America] Ys VIII PS Vita Trophies Still Won't Sync (NP-10234-0)

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[North America] Ys VIII PS Vita Trophies Still Won't Sync (NP-10234-0)

Postby TJF588 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:41 am

For two weeks now, attempting to sync the Ys VIII trophies for a North American Vita copy still results in the error NP-10234-0, "Could not sync with the server." I and others have tweeted to @NISAmerica and even @AskPlayStation, but no response other than the latter's canned safe mode and system restore scripts. This is unique to North America, as Europe and Japan both have both their trophy lists showing publically. With two more attempts at contacting PlayStation's support contacts, through text and voice have I been told this is something they allegedly don't know what is going on, and to contact the game's publisher. I left a voicemail earlier this morning, but perhaps if nothing else, anyone brsides the spambots could chime in at a similar experience.

tl;dr — The North American Vita trophies for Ys VIII still aren't on the PlayStation Network servers, so syncing our trophies hasn't worked for two weeks!

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