o avoid overreacting or being fooled on a play

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o avoid overreacting or being fooled on a play

Postby lw789 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:47 pm

EVANSTON, Ill. -- Roy Devyn Marble scored 14 points and No. 10 Iowa never trailed, beating Northwestern 76-50 on Saturday. Gabriel Olaseni had 14 points and 10 rebounds and Mike Gesell added 11 points for the Hawkeyes (16-4, 5-2 Big Ten), who avoided losing consecutive games for the first time this season after falling 75-67 at No. 21 Michigan on Wednesday. They shot 51.9 per cent from the field (28 of 54) and won their fourth in five games. Iowa, which outrebounded Northwestern 44-20, had nine players score. Marble, Iowas leading scorer, didnt make his first field goal until 3:08 into the second half. That was part of a 7-0 run that gave the Hawkeyes a 41-30 lead, their first double-digit advantage. Northwestern never got closer than seven points during a second half Iowa dominated 46-26. Drew Crawford had 20 points for Northwestern (10-11, 3-5), which had won three of four. Saturday was a rematch of the teams Jan. 9 game in Iowa City which the Hawkeyes won 93-67 after shooting 64.3 per cent during the second half. Iowa coach Fran McCaffery was suspended for that game after getting ejected during the Hawkeyes previous game at Wisconsin. On Saturday, McCaffery was coaching and along with Northwesterns Chris Collins wore sneakers as part of the annual Coaches vs. Cancer weekend. That first game was a turning point for Northwestern. Including the teams first matchup, the Wildcats started conference play 0-3 and were allowing an average of 81 points per game. In the next four games -- a stretch that included a win over then-No. 23 Illinois, a victory at Indiana and a double-overtime win over Purdue -- the Wildcats only gave up 51 points per game. Northwestern got Dave Sobolewski back after he missed four games (concussion), and had Crawford break the school record by playing in his 131st game and starting his 130th. He topped the marks set by John Shurna and Michael Thompson, respectively. The Wildcats shot 36.4 per cent from the field (20 of 55). Unlike the first meeting, when the Hawkeyes led 41-26 at halftime, Iowa struggled to separate from Northwestern during the first half despite making 50 per cent of its shots compared to the Wildcats 31. Iowa was in front 30-24 at halftime but at one point went more than 6 minutes between baskets. Ken Griffey Jersey . The league announced Thursday that Tom Higgins is leaving that post effective immediately. Custom Seattle Mariners Jerseys . The Raptors two leading scorers were never able to co-exist the way they hoped or the team had envisioned, but individually DeRozan was thriving, in the midst of a career season. http://www.baseballmarinersofficial.com ... rsey-c-23/. David Perron had a career high four-point night with two goals and two assists as the Oilers experienced an offensive explosion, blasting the Columbus Blue Jackets 7-0 to record a rare home win for their second victory in a row. Ichiro Suzuki Jersey . The Canadians led for much of the game before Argentina forced overtime in the dying seconds of the fourth quarter. Canada weathered the storm after squandering a lead with a series of made shots. "Its a fantastic win for our country with 11 first-time Canadian national team members," said head coach Roy Rana. Jean Segura Jersey . "I never commented to anyone that I wanted out," he explained. "My heart is with this group and making the playoffs." Kesler added that the rumours are "completely false" that he asked to be traded - recently or ever.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at [email protected]. Kerry, How does Alex Galchenyuk get called for tripping Carl Hagelin in the neutral zone in the second period? Where was the official watching this from? Looked like Hagelin took a dive over Galchenyuks foot! Martin,Peterborough, ON Martin: Carl Hagelin did not deliberately take a dive or embellish his fall in an attempt to draw a penalty as he picked up a loose puck on a turnover at the red line. Hagelin made a sweeping cut turn as he attempted to reverse his direction toward the Montreal zone and in doing so both of his skates made independent contact with the left skate blade of Alex Galchenyuk. Hagelins lose of balance, forward momentum and attempt to advance the puck as he was falling contributed to an impression some might hold that the Rangers player took a dive. In the eyes of one referee it was deemed a trip and resulted in a power play goal. Referee Dan OHalloran trailed the play out of the Montreal end zone on the players bench side after Andrei Markov flipped the puck into the neutral zone. When the skate contact between Hagelin and Galchenyuk occurred, OHalloran was approximately mid to three quarters toward the Habs blue line and looking directly into and through neutral zone player traffic. From this location the referee would not have been able to draw an angle on the play and erroneously determined that Galchenyuk had committed a tripping infraction. Hindsight is, as they say, 20/20 and you can be certain that the referee wishes he had not perceived the play as he did. This play demonstrates the magnitude and potential consequence that a penalty call can have on a game and possibly even a series. Hockey is an extremely fast paced game. We know that officials, players and coaches make mistakes. In an effort to minimize errors in judgment the official needs to find the very best location in advance to judge a play; to find that perfect "replay angle" in real time whenever humanly possible.dddddddddddd I have often referenced an officials positioning in answer to your questions. One aspect of officiating that I havent written about much (and probably more important than having your feet in the right place) is for the official to have his head in the right place to avoid overreacting or being fooled on a play. It is crucial that every official sustain a rock-solid level of concentration throughout the game; especially as he deals with self-imposed pressure and excessive amounts of pressure exerted upon him externally. We often hear broadcasters refer to a high level of "energy or intensity" that is displayed by a player or team. A referee observes the game as it is being played in the moment; but more importantly, he must "think" the game with an "intensity of focus and concentration" that doesnt allow for any distractions to adversely affect his judgment. The referees perception of a play becomes his reality. He must silence the crowd in his head by letting the noise pass through his ears as a meaningless background effect. The ref must also move on from confrontations with players and coaches to keep his mental awareness where it belongs. To accomplish this task, an internal running dialogue or play-by-play commentary can be implemented by the referee to remain focused. (I often implemented this procedure to intensify my focus and concentration.) An official that sustains a state of intense concentration is much less likely to overreact or misread a play. A referee that is dialed into the zone can better differentiate between legitimate fouls and allowable contact in all locations on the ice. Finally, there cant be any guess work at this time of the season. If a ref is not 100 per cent sure a foul was committed, he should never raise his arm. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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Re: o avoid overreacting or being fooled on a play

Postby Perry-Como » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:37 am

A mysterious message coming from nowhere...

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Re: o avoid overreacting or being fooled on a play

Postby workcreation » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:48 am

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