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what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:01 pm
by hundredknightko
im at the part where fang died *sob* but eryn sacrificed her own live to bring him back..

i still didnt pulled out all swords whether from the vile god or the goddess.. the goddes only has the S sword reamining on her body... what affection will happen when i visit the last dungeon now (at least i think its the last) without pulling out all swords from the vile god or the goddes?? will it have any affection on the ending? and what will happen if i first pull out all swords from any of this gods and then visit the last dungeon? please try to answer all this without spoiler me anything because i dont want know!

but one question : does this game has post game? can i pull out all swords from all gods in 1 play through? i need for the goddess only 1 S sword which is remaining on her body but im too lazy for a second playthrough and spent 25-30 hours to know what will happen when i first pull out all swords from the vile god..

but my main question is : what will happen when i finish the story now with swords remaining on both gods? any affection on the ending? how many endings does this game have?

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:48 pm
by manudude03
AFAIK those swords don't count for anything other than the fact you need them all out of both gods to get to the top of sheketsoo tower (I've spelt that badly, don't have the game on atm), the ending you get depends on what side scenes you witnessed just before you go to the valley (the one you would have just completed).

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:01 pm
by hundredknightko

so there are different endings?!!!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT!! how do i know now if i get the "good" ending or the "bad" ending.. and how do i know which one is supposed to be the "original" ending which has be intended to be the normal ending made by the developer and not a alternative ending ..!!!!

there wasnt any dialogues where i could choose.. i just watched every sidequest cutscene and everything!!

so i dont understand what you mean which requirements will affect the ending! now im very desparate! i want see all possible endings especially the "normal" / good ending!

unfortunately i spoilered myself by looking on the advent dark force cover.. where i could see the revival of the vile god... so it seems like the ending of this first game gonna be ... "not cool" .. but i will see it myself later.. !

before i touch this game im still waiting of advice now what i have to do to get the original ending. because now im worried which one i will get

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:06 pm
by manudude03
There are 3 endings.

Eryn ending: speak to Eryn in a subquest scene called Partners? (there's another sub you have to watch to unlock that, but I don't remember) after you complete the chapter "Did you remember something?" (which finishes when you pick up the faith drop for the 2nd time- you will have between this point and when you finish off the Zeppella Valley). Do not speak to Tiara during this chapter of the game.
Tiara ending: Speak to Tiara during this same period with or without speaking to Eryn. It's subquest title is "When the journey is over".
Normal ending: Don't speak to either of them during this window.

From your posts, it seems you are locked into the Tiara ending.

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:35 pm
by xizro345
Regarding the ending, you'll see for yourself that can easily accomodate sequels and the likes.
As for extracting all the swords in one playthrough, I believe it's not possible as you need a drop off a certain story boss which is not 100%, IIRC.

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 5:08 am
by hundredknightko
there was a first time where i could talk to tiara or eryn.. i chose eryn back then.. this was before i traveled to the past..and then i wasnt able anymore to talk to tiara because the chat option vanished and the second time i talked with both of them "partners?" and "after journey is over" so im not sure .... if i get the tiara ending now.. do i have to make a whole new playthrough to get the normal ending or eryn ending? cmon guys... i dont want this D: !

and how will i recognize that its gonna be the tiara ending? .. will she have something like.. special long screen time or so ?

and : i think im gonna spoiler myself the other 2 endings on youtube if someone uploaded them there.. AFTER i played my own playthrough. im in the last dungeon now and i think im very close to the final boss fight.

but i also still need a S rank sword to see what will happen when i release the goddess... and i need a second playthrough to see what happens when i release the vile god..

it makes me confused when the story is gonna revive the vile god even though he still has swords inside.. but sherman is gonna do it.. thats why im so confused what will happen when i let the swords inside and sherman maybe cant revive him.. or something like that..

well.. i think i have to wait and see it for myself

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:02 am
by manudude03
There will be a short scene after the credits roll depending on which ending you got. There are also 3 trophies, one for each ending. Apart from those, the ending battle sequences are the same. There are just about enough furies to unlock both gods completely. Both require 2 playthroughs to use. One of the S rank furies can be obtained in the first playthrough, but it would still require a NG+ to be able to take out the S rank sword in either god.

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:12 am
by hundredknightko
i just watched the ending now where
eryn said to fang in the end that she loves her while she was crying and vanishing back to the goddess.. holy crap i got 2-3 tears on my eyes!! that was so sad .. arrrghh!!

so i hope i can see the other 2 endings in youtube now :

i have a question : (you are allowed to spoiler it to me because im too lazy to find out on my own sorry for that)

what will happen if i pull out all swords from the goddes and what will happen if i do the same with the vile god?

and will there appear any cutscenes by doing this? can you quote me what they say or so?

and i heard people could recruit apollonius in their party.. how did they made this? in my playthrough he
killed himself.. !

Re: what am i supposed to do now ?

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:35 am
by hundredknightko
alright :

i watche all 3 endings and what happens after the goddes revival..

but the dialogue after beating the vile god was in japanese..

but i think i can figure out myself what they perhaps was talking about like

"fang you idiot.. why did you revived him.. dont do this ever again you dam fool!" something like this maybe..

and ALL endings are somehow sad..! unexpected the eryns ending..

tiaras ending made me cry (or at least tears coming off of my eyes) and the "normal ending"... well.. i thought they love each other but they are willing to go their own separate ways which proofs they are not important for each other to bound together!! somehow tragedic..

buuut alright. tiaras ending was the worst.. like "oh eryn died? well so i pick up tiara instead .. at least 1 girl" but eryns was like "yea as long as eryn is still on my side i prefer to travel with her than tiara"

and the normal one was like "well.. we flirted all the time and loved each other but in the end i dont need you bye until never because eryn wont come back but i told you we meet again when eryn is back hahaha.. see ya"

but thanks for all replys :D im relieved now! and im looking forward for advent dark force which is hopefully coming to europe (im so sad that europe makes so low sales on jrpgs .. i dont want that japan think we are not interested! because i am!)