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Re: Constructive Criticisms

Postby R353ARCH_D35TROY » Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:46 am

My only complaint is the lack of DRPGs developed by Experience available in English.

Okay, and for criticism, maybe having more artifact gems available, since with the+1/+2 gems, it was technically possible to collect all in 1st PT, I think a lot of people ended up either wasting them or saving them mostly all. If a farming spot existed for artifacts, owning a larger variety may have felt more rewarding and enjoyable.

Criticism #2, it would have been nice if there was a way to get back sold unique items, or find another through loot drop if you did sell. A strong supporting reasoning behind this, it was possible to boost to +30, however I did find some uniques above level 30. Not really important, but it just didn't sit right on my brain, that someone's min/max experience could vary slightly with luck. I get rolling and RNG, but it somehow felt unlike the kind of RNG loot and pirate stuff from Disgaea, and more like some kinda RNG you'd find playing your state's lotto.

Last minor: the treasure maps were a nuisance in my inventory. A checklist would have been much nicer, especially since we didn't even technically need the maps and rather the Google doc that was kindly made. A checklist of some sort may have kept our attention more on the game and less on a computer or notebook.

Overall, my favorite Vita and DRPG to date, though my experience is rather limited with both categories.

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