The Cynicism of Slow Teams

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The Cynicism of Slow Teams

Postby fadingtrails » Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:15 am

Grand Kingdom is a game that lives and dies by the quality of its online component. I've really enjoyed playing the game over the past months.

Some players, however, have been exploiting a design flaw (IMO) that has started to ruin the game for me.

During Operations, you want to beat as many squads as quickly as you can. There are people who will try to keep you from doing this, not by trying to create a clever startegy to defeat your squad, but by designing squads that exist only to slow you down.

They can have a team of quick-moving Challengers, making you watch skill animations (Last Run, Provoke, etc.), they can have a team doing nothing but guarding and healing; their point is never to beat your squad. This isn't in the spirit of the game; it certainly isn't enjoyable.

Escaping from these battles would mean I was reinforcing their behavior, that I agreed with what they're doing; I refuse to do that.

This does mean that I can spend up to twenty minutes trying to break through a squad's guard, ultimately deciding it can't be done.

If a Witch with maxed out offensive stats can't break a Paladin's guard, my conclusion is that Guard skills are overpowered.

Imagine everyone using these tactics; the game would be unplayable.

I would ask NISA to please consider addressing this issue; these tactics are cynical, antisocial and anticompetitive.

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