DLC Bleach Soul Ignition Multiplayer offline and online

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DLC Bleach Soul Ignition Multiplayer offline and online

Postby kojimahazuki » Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:28 pm

Nis America and Sony have teamup to bring this title to ps3 as a exclusive only.
It would be nice to add a multiplayer online and offline versus mode for $14.99
As add-on content.

Think about how resident evil 5/uncharted 2/assassins creed brotherhood/ dragon ball z raging blast added online play for a price It's bleach better Yet its under Sony. And if Nis America agrees to making a online mode similar to uncharted 3 or assassins creed then we all can support future bleach titles more

Here are a few online modes for online play suggestions feel free to add more

...: 24 player team deathmatch called (soul reapers vs espada annarcars)
...: hunting 5 giant menos down where it has a certain treasure then players battle it
It out to take the treasure back to there starting hide out.
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Re: DLC Bleach Soul Ignition Multiplayer offline and online

Postby Ringwraith » Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:04 pm

As much as it's a nice idea, this is the wrong place to be suggesting it, as NISA only localised it, they didn't develop it, and thus have no control over what DLC is released for it.
I also probably wouldn't hold out an awful lot of hope for the idea anyway, considering how the game seems to be designed.
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Re: DLC Bleach Soul Ignition Multiplayer offline and online

Postby Blechfreak93 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:18 pm

If we get any DLC I hope its more character's. There was so many great character's left out that should have been included. I wouldn't really care about online for THIS Bleach game. But I think it would be really sweet to have a Bleach MMORPG game like DCUO! Where you could customize your own character (soul reaper or arrancar) and choose your looks, abilities, zanpakuto, resurreccion, and choose who would be your mentor (for good you get to choose a captain to be your mentor and for evil you could choose an espada) but I dont really see that happening which I'm ok with because I would just love to see any Bleach game to america really!

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