In this page we will introduce you to the shop clerks that will become your partner for "shop fusion " . For a detailed description of shop fusion, please follow the links below.

Blaire is an young girl working at a bakery in Arcose. She was not born in Arcose, instead she came from some where far away. No body knows where she came from or why she works at the bakery, but her aristocratic tone might hint her origins.

Norman is the owner of the bar at the city of Kavoc.
Just like his appearance suggest, he has a peaceful oersonlity, but he works as an agent to provide back door jobs to mercenaries. He has been living at Kavoc for the longest time and he has many connections there.

Oscar is an infamous chef who once worked as the head chef for the royal palace. He left the royal palace because he became tired with his colleagues who lost their passion for culinary arts and spoiled themselves with fame.

Veola is a young girl who holds a magic shop at Kavoc. She is known to be a very unfriendly person and she treats her customers very poorly. There seems to be a reason for her unpleasant personality, but she will not talk about it.

Totopop is one of many mythical beasts in the world. It lives quietly in a place called the " Hidden town of the Mythical beasts " . These rare animals are capable of speaking the human language and possess advanced civilizations and cultures.
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