In the world of Regallzine, anything that has mass and takes up space is composed of elements that are controlled by Mana. The main character who is an alchemist can communicate and work with Mana, to create many new items from elements. The all-new Mana synthesis system introduced for Atelier Iris adds the enjoyment of "becoming friends with Mana" and "customizing your Mana" to the traditional fun factor of the Atelier series. Atelier Iris possesses endless replay value thanks to added features like "leveling up your Mana to gain new recipes" and "become good friends with Mana to trigger events".
Every Mana has its own unique personality. Therefore, at times Mana will unwillingly help you out with your Mana synthesis and at times, they will gladly help. Your favorite Mana should eventually appear before you. Manas are all referred by their characteristics like the "Mana of fire" or "Mana of water". The Mana of fire, Uru is an expert at making bombs called "Flame", but the Mana of water, Nymph is horrible at making Flames. Instead, the Mana of water, Nymph is an expert at making healing items. In order to become able to create new items you must search and contract with Manas that exist around the world. Some Manas have difficult personality making it hard to join your team. In addition, there are Manas that are very difficult to discover because they live hidden from people. One way to enjoy this game is to discover all the Manas and complete the entire list of Manas.
The synthesis process is executed with the help of Mana.

Every Mana has a mind and heart of its own, therefore some Manas may dislike other Manas or dislike you the main character. The synthesis process is greatly influenced by your relationship with the Mana and the relationship between the Manas.
Heal Jar
Good for healing on the go.
Bomb Ice
Icy grenade or portable AC?
Obake Bag
The phantom inside will scare your enemies.
Flying weapon whose blades slice through armor.
Developed to gather asteroids--rains pain on foes.
Herbal Drop
Antacid whose horrid smell would wake the dead.
In order for the Manas to create items, they need “elements”. It is your duty to collect the elements for the Manas. In Iris, the act of collecting elements by destroying objects is called element extraction.
The main character of Iris can destroy various objects in the world, so go around and start your rampage! The elements you gathered from your rampage will be transformed into items by Mana. Occasionally, you can gain rare elements and Manas by destroying rare objects.
Landscape of dungeons and field maps in Iris is rich in variety. For instance, some areas are too high to jump over and some places are sealed away by a mystic force. When you become stuck during your adventure, ask your Mana friends for help. By using the correct Mana ability for that certain moment, you should be able to overcome any obstacles.
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