Great news for Atelier fans! We will unveil a new system that is improved upon our traditional "Atelier synthesis system". The name of the new system is "shop synthesis"! The new system adopts an evolutionary synthesis system that combines Atelier Riri´s "Rough synthesis system" and Grumnart´s "Status application system". The number of items and objects creatable with "Shop synthesis" is over 300 and special events can occur because of creating different kinds of items. The system has over 400 events that can occur because of "Shop synthesis".

Your days of addiction to synthesis returns with the new and simple to use "Shop synthesis", which is an improved system from Ririfs "rough synthesis system", that allowed you to create many unique items and Viorato´s system that determines the fate of a store by your creation.
To create items with shop synthesis you must follow a simple synthesis recipe. During your synthesis process though, you can change the recipe a little to create an entirely new item. Example, you can create the Fairy´s cloths at Veola´s magic shop, but by changing some of the ingredients, you can create Fairy´s hat and the sexy robe. There are items that can only be created by combining rare items as will as items created by unexpected combinations of ingredients.
The number of items you can create with shop synthesis is 177!
If you include the number of objects you can create, the total number jumps to over 300!
How many items will you be able to collect?
Shop synthesis is done by cooperating with the shop owner, then a special event called "Result event" can occur by creating new or rare items. This short event will portray the happenings between the shop owner and Klein. Some result events will lead you to discover new recipes or even trigger additional events. Keep on creating new items to see all the events.
The final objective for shop synthesis is to expand the business of the shop. In order to do so, you must create items that will receive high remarks from the consumers. High quality items can be made by a process called "Review synthesis", where a pre-existing review for an object can be transferred over to another item.
Display your creations in the shop window! If your creation turns out to be a hit, word of mouth will sell the item, but if your creation turns out to be a dud, the business can crash. The future of the shop is in your hands. If your shop becomes popular, good things will happen, like discounts at stores, learn new item recipes, or even affecting the outcome of a larger event. Use synthesis to create items with high reviews to make your shop successful!
Stained Grass
Multi-colored leaves make nice gifts.
Fish Island
Giant fish that 100 people could ride.
What the heck is this thing?
Teddybear Roll
A sweet treat for children.
Unipuni Pudding
Dessert made by mythical creatures.
Dead Bread
Looks gross but tastes great.
Astral Globe
Constellations printed on a globe.
Twilight Board
A watch that controls time.
Spike Bomb
A bomb fashioned from Uni Nuts.
Animal Paw
Some people collect animal paws.
Rocket Flame
Flies toward the enemy by itself.
A vacuum cleaner that can swallow anything.
Smash Bread
So hard it can be used as a weapon.
Joker Fish
This fish seems to be teasing someone.
Scandalous Swimsuit
A flesh-tone bathing suit...!?
Hot Nekotreat
Spicy flavored cat treat.
Leheruun Cream
Originally used by beasts, now a dessert of man.
Pudding Cap
Hat-shaped pudding!?
Fairy Clothes
Tiny clothes sewn for Fairies.
Paw Gloves
Gloves to look like an animal.
Milk Scope
Magnifies the stars for easy viewing.


Flying bugs common to snowy regions.
Crank Snake
A parasitic snake.
Me, Myself, and Bombs
A guide to bombs, I guess. Didn't finish it.
Moon Sitar
A melancholy instrument Norman made.
Blaire Special
Blaire made this for her baking exam.
Ingredient X
Was Veola going to bake bread with this?
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