Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku!


The kids call this game an Action "Arr-Pee-Gee."

The Store's over here if you want weapons
or armor. And the Blacksmith is over there
if you want to strengthen your weapons.

If you master Magic Circles, enemies will be no match
for you! Bring lots of Vassals to help you in battle!

Do you want to know a special secret art?
Then you need to get a lot of Magic Circles.
Only then will you awaken the skill.

I could talk about how beautiful the water under the bridge is...
But instead, I'm gonna shill for this promotional video!

I heard the lord of this castle is an owl. Is that true?

It's so quiet and peaceful here...
I wish I was born into a world without war.

Ah, another peaceful day!
I saw a suspicious man earlier,
but to keep the peace I looked the other way!

I wasn't sleeping or anything...


Huh? What's that blue fireball over there?

What a refreshing bath!
I want to take another one.

I beat up some guy who was trying to peep, and he ran away!

Maybe I'll come back tomorrow?

I drew a lot of pictures today.
I wish I could show everyone
my drawings.

Retro "Bee-Gee-Em".
Modern "Bee-Gee-Em".
Which do you prefer?

I'm hungry...
Maybe I'll go home too.

I'm a lightning kid!
I'm fast as heck! You can't stop me!

There's a storm kid, too.
But I dunno where he went.

I found some weird tool called an Artie Fakt.
What do you think it's for?

With my skill, I could easily make a name for myself.
But I got a family to take care of; I can't leave them.

I heard a huge orochi is wreaking havoc somewhere.
Are we really safe here?

There are scary monsters and bad guys in dungeons.
You better prepare yourself before you go in.


May I help you?

The Daimyowl's castle is beyond this point.
Unless you have an appointment, you cannot enter.

Wh-What!? I'm not peeping! I swear!
Or my name isn't Peeping Toshi!

That woman punched me so hard.
My face is all red and swollen...

I'll be back tomorrow, though...

Supposedly, the Daimyowl will reward
you if you increase your fame!
Maybe I should go in a dungeon and get famous...

That box by the castle is a Suggestion Box.
It doesn't have any suggestions for me, though.

This place is called Arcanus Cella.
Souls with regrets in the real world linger here.
But they can't remember what their regrets are...

I remember nothing. Pathetic.
Will you hear me out?

I once served a master.
I no longer remember his name.

I was called by someone to the Kyoto Imperial Palace.
When I turned around, there was an arrow in my chest.

Will you lift my regrets?

There are 8 weapons, and only 7 jobs at first.
The Magic Circles and Abilities they learn are different,
so just go with what you like.

Some weapons can break down walls in dungeons.
These walls may be hiding treasure.

While power and defense are important,
attack speed and elements are important too.
You'll need to use magic against some enemies.

You take more damage while running, so be careful.
When an enemy is about to attack you, you
can reduce the damage by raising your shield.

Have you heard of Osaka Castle?
I have regrets there.

Though it's overrun with yokai now...

The yokai use strange abilities and magic.
I'm sure the castle interior is very different now.

But if I'm still here, then he
must still be here, too.
I want to see him again...

Huh? Who're you?
I'm Masamune, the One-Eyed Dragon! Heard o' me?

Oh... Doesn't shock ya, huh?
Actually, I dunno what "One-Eyed Dragon" even means.

I don't even know why I'm here.
All I remember is walkin' the streets of Mutsu.

What the heck's goin' on...?

I am Ranmaru.
I am filled with regret, and so I have come here.

If you can help me escape this world and find
my way to the next life, then I shall help you, too.

I was not able to protect my precious master.
But this time will be different...

There are many demons roaming these dungeons.
You mustn't let your guard down.

Looks like another regretful soul has reached this place.

What is your regret...?
Keep fighting here, and you might find out soon enough.

Sometimes regret can be shared between two people.
You should talk to that blue soul near the bridge.

Oh me? The name's Yukimura. Pleasure's all mine.