Oh Lord, Spring Break!? Contest!!

What to do?!

Oh My Lord of Destruction, let me tell ya. The Overlord needs a vacation!

It's been a tough year for him so far, with more heroic pesky lifeforms at his tail, not to mention, changing his name legally to slip under radar; he could use some R&R. Nothing is more of a stress reliever than Spring Break, baby!!! yesiree it's just around the corner, and he's getting excited at the anticipation of wild wild moments to come. Could you just picture him? Oh Yes?

Keep this mental picture in mind, as this is what we want you to do:
Draw Overlord on Spring Break!!

You can use whatever medium you would like, colored markers, Photoshop, watercolors, what have you. We want you to have fun with this!

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!


My Lord 2

Our My Lord experts and Spring Break enthusiasts (aka. NISA Staff) will pick out their 2 favorites to receive an UMD copy of What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?! 2 game!

Please allow a few weeks after the game release date in May to receive your prize.


Contest ends April 9, 2010!!

How to Submit

Submit your artwork in a .jpg, .gif, .png, or .tiff format to
[email protected], with "Oh Lord, Spring Break!? Contest" as the subject field.

Don't forget to include your Full Name and Address.

By entering, you are stating that you are 13 years of age or older, and it is legal for you to enter this contest and submit your personal information.

Happy doodling!