SYSTEMWhat's RPG Maker MV Player?

01Play original RPGs
for free!

Even if you don't own RPG Maker MV, you can still play original RPGs for free by downloading RPG Maker MV Player from your console's online store.

The RPG Maker MV Player has the same Maker Forum menu as RPG Maker MV. Browse from a variety of RPGs by selecting "Search for game" then choose and download what interests you the most.

Download games to your heart's content and enjoy other users' creations!

But wait, there's more! With RPG Maker MV, games created on Nintendo Switch™ or Xbox One can be shared with Cross-Play!

Now people can share and enjoy more games than ever before!

There's even more!?

Games created and uploaded from RPG Maker MV will be shared worldwide!

*RPG Maker MV Player cannot be used to create or upload games.
*RPG Maker MV Player cannot play games made from the PC version.
*Internet services and fees to upload and download games are paid by the user.