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From Inagaki Saki Sakura, the voice of Sayuri Mifune!Jan. 24, 2014

Inagaki Saki Sakura

"Hi, I'm Inagaki Saki Sakura! This is my first time actually voicing a character, and I'm really happy I got to play such a wonderful role! I've already come to think of her as my other self. I really want everyone to like Sayuri, and get her experience up and use her in battle! I'm excited to hurry up and play the game, and I consider myself the first fan who gets to look forward to its release!"

Thanks, Miss Sakura!

Inagaki Saki Sakura, voice of Sayuri Mifune!

From producer Tomio Kanazawa!Dec. 27, 2013

"Hello! I'm Tomio Kanazawa, producer for Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. You'll learn more about the game's characters as you play, but I wanted to take a second to introduce a few of them and explain how they fit into the story.

The story consists of 13 chapters, and different characters will appear all throughout. Some will be key story characters, some will be friends of the main character or other Gate Keepers, wielders of special abilities that let them see spirits, or even allies that will work with you to defeat whatever big bad ghost is waiting at the end of each chapter! Depending on how the story develops, some of these temporary teammates may become full members of Gate Keepers. If someone joins your team, not only will they be able to join you in battle, but they'll appear at the Gate Keepers HQ, where they'll be able to teach others their character-specific skills.

While I have this chance, I'd like to go into a little more detail about some of these characters."

Harukichi Kosuge
He works part-time at Gate Keepers, but his true passion is rock & roll. He dropped out of school, reasoning that anti-social behavior is "totally rock." He's rather plump, loves his goatee, and always keeps his electric guitar close at hand. He's deeply fond of the legendary indie rock band Slive Brrich and throws his favorite cassette tape into the Gate Keepers company car whenever he feels the urge.

Chigusa Kuki
This taciturn senior attends a high school in Chuo City, where he is the captain of the chess team. He lost his younger brother in a tragic accident... His special talent is called "Eagle Eye". Much like a bird of prey peering at the ground beneath it, he can quickly grasp any situation and ascertain the truth. He used to spend his time looking into spiritual incidents by himself.

Summer Dress Girl
This mysterious ghost originally lost her life on the academy grounds, and so she now wanders the school as a spirit. She sometimes appears before the story's heroes, and it seems as if she's trying to tell them something... Nobody other than Gate Keepers members can see her.

Although this character will not become an ally or participate in battle, she appears in the first chapter and holds an important key to the story...

Producer, Tomio Kanazawa!

From character designer Chinatsu Kurahana!Nov. 1, 2013

"I'm Chinatsu Kurahana. Nice to meet you! I'm in charge of the character design and general visual design for Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.

This game is filled with Shuho Imai's passion and playfulness, so I'm working hard to make beautiful visuals to match that. I've never really worked in this genre before, so I'm excited for the new challenge. The process has been filled with lots of trial and error, but I'm still having a lot of fun with it. I'm doing my best to add my own flavor to the character design in order to enhance the director's vision.

I really hope you take a look and enjoy what you find. Thank you very much!"

Character Designer, Chinatsu Kurahana!

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