• Summary

  • Game Flow

  • Investigating the Town

  • Scary Things

  • Wanderers


Yomawari: Night Alone challenges you to brave the unsettling and chilling nighttime that covers the town.

Explore the Town

In this dark and eerie town, many things cannot be identified without a little light... If you find something interesting, shine the flashlight on it to check it out.

The Town at Night

Somewhere in town, an unexplainable creepiness is lurking around. Even the most popular spots during the day show a completely different face at night.

An unknown terror is lurking in the darkness of night.

On a dark and quiet street, a shadow waits beneath a streetlight. You feel a presence behind you... The fear you feel in the darkness haunts you. If you get close and shine the light on it, you might find out who or what it is. But that can be dangerous...