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Prinny Bomb #135

1. Disgaea 4 to be released in the U.S. in September, Fall release for Europe! Check out the official Website and "Dis-name-a Contest", dood!

Hello everyone!

The official Disgaea 4 Website has launched and the Come up with Dis-name-a Contest has begun! Come check them out, dood!!!

DISGAEA 4 Website and Contest begin start today, dood!!

Can you believe it, dood!? The Disgaea 4 website has officially launched! Make sure you stop by to check out all the awesome info within it! It's got story information, character descriptions, and later on we'll be adding movies, system information, and more! Check it out now, dood! Get ready for Disgaea 4's North American release in September 2011 for its European release this fall, dood!!

On top of that, we have the awesome "Dis-name-a" Contest where 3 lucky winners will have a chance to name an in-game weapon, character, and skill! The contest winners names will also appear in the game! We're super excited for all you Disgaea fans to participate!! Just make sure you get your entry in before April 21st!!! Check out all the contest entry rules within the contest webpage! Enter now, dood!

Click here to go to the Disgaea 4 website!

Click here to enter the "Dis-name-a" contest!

Click here to read the press release!

Thank you for reading this issue of PRINNY BOMB! We hope you liked it.

Thanks for your support, doods!

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