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Prinny Bomb #143

1. NIS America proudly announces Bleach™: Soul Resurrección exclusively for PlayStation® 3.
2. Cladun x2 for PSP exclusively on PSN this summer!
3. NIS America announces Atelier Totori for the PlayStation®3
4. Check out the Official Disgaea 4 Trailer, dood!

Hello everyone!

We have incredible news for you all today! That's right, we have announced our brand new titles that will be out later this year!!! What are they you ask? Read on to find out!!!!

NIS America announces
Bleach™: Soul Resurrección for PS3!!!

Dood!! We are so excited to host the debut of Bleach™: Soul Resurrección for the Playstation 3 console. Inspired from the hot manga/anime series, it's a must-have for any Bleach fan!!

Coming this summer, you'll be able to fight alongside all of your favorite Bleach characters (21 to be exact) in this free-roaming exciting action game! Featuring beautiful anime-inspired cel-shaded graphics, you will not want to miss this title!

As for the game itself, it's up to the Soul Society to save both realms from total annihilation! You'll be up against the evil Espadas and Arrancar army, so you will need all the help you can get! Not to worry though, with various awesome game modes, you'll be ready to reap some serious souls!!! Bleach™: Soul Resurrección also comes toting a completely customizable "character-map", where you will be able to gain new abilities, and unlock enhancements for each character by using Soul Points that are awarded by defeating enemies in the game!! Level-up, dood!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming very soon - including website, screenshots and package art!

Official Bleach™: Soul Resurrección Trailer & Splash Page

Click here to read the press release!

NIS America announces Cladun x2!!!

That's right, dood! Cladun x2 is coming to PSN this summer! It's jam-packed with new dungeons, new characters, new enemies and an updated character customization system!

What's that? Not enough Ran-geons in the first Cladun? Not a problem! This time around not only will there be Ran-geons, but included in Cladun x2 are going to be Neo-geons and Tri-geons! Cladun x2 is all about customization, so look forward to customizing your characters' weapons and background music!!

Click here to read the press release!

Click here to go to the website!

Atelier Totori for the PS3 hits North America this Fall!

It's time to travel back to Arland, dood! Atelier Totori is now open for business as we jump right back into the awesome world of exploration and alchemy! With brand new areas to explore, new items to synthesize, and new (and old) friends to adventure with, Atelier Totori is a must have for any fan of RPG's!

This time around you'll have hundreds of items to synthesize, dozens of locales to visit and explore, and brand new friends to make! So stock up on alchemy candy, put your Pie Meteors in the window-sill, and check out Atelier Totori this Fall, dood!

Check out the Official Disgaea 4 Trailer, dood!
The official Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten trailer is now available! Go check it out in all its glory, dood!!!

Click here to view the trailer now!
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