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Today's topic:
1. NIS America announces Disgaea Infinite with a May release!
2. Vote for the final design for our new T-shirt!

Hello everyone!

We hope that you are having a good Friday!

NIS America announces Disgaea Infinite will be released for the PlayStation Portable system. It will be released in May 2010!

As you can tell, Disgaea Infinite is a spin off of the Disgaea series. However, unlike other Disgae titles, Disgaea Infinite is an Adventure Novel style game. BUT it still has the usual Disgaea humor and ridiculous story as always!

Finally, you can play with a Prinny as your main character in a Disgaea game! One day, Laharl was almost assassinated, and they comanded a Prinny to find this fool who tried to assassinate Laharl! Of course, the Prinny has no choice but to obey his orders. What could this helpless, useless vassel (according to Etna) do to figure out who the unsuccessful assassin was!?

Well, the Prinny comes across this clock, Tick Tock, which lets him take over other characters' minds and bodies. You can use Tick Tock to see who is lying and had been planning on assassinating Laharl!

We are currently preparing the official website for Disgaea Infinite! So when it is ready to go, we will make sure to let you all know!

(The screenshots below are still in Jpaanese, but we will show you as soon as we have English screenshots!)

We would like to thank those who voted for our new T-shirt designs on Pram's Wish List. Based on the most popular design, as voted for on Pram's Wish List, we have created these two final designs. Please vote for your favorite design!

Here are the two finalists! Visit the New T-shirt design poll to vote!
(click to see larger images)

"What's New at NISA?"

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- Read our Employee Blog to see what we are up to!

Thank you for reading this issue of PRINNY BOMB! We hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great night!

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