Prinny Burgers!  [20]
Food and Drink
Dec-23-2009 4:48 pm
Wouldn't it be friggin' sweet if you could buy Prinny Burgers from in-n-out? With meat, cheese, and buns in the shape of a prinny head?

11. sultanchan - May-09-2010 2:53 pm
    thats look cute :D
12. jaeger119 - May-30-2012 8:18 pm
    Jeez can these ideas get any worse? Its food no one cares what it looks like. Also a prinny's head is 99% similar to a penguin so no one would know anyway. Why not make a wish like Disgaea Happy Meal toys or something?
13. jaeger119 - May-30-2012 8:24 pm
    A prinny's head is 99% similar to a penguin
14. revya - Sep-04-2012 6:18 am
    yes love the taste of sin
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