Sakura Wars Secret Codes  [241]
Apr-02-2010 2:48 am
Please post the other secret codes for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love!

11. zigmus007 - Apr-14-2010 9:31 am
    Maxed out Votes? Is this one of those things that the Dark Assembly automatically approves?
12. demonicloud - Apr-14-2010 8:58 pm
    I haven't seen an unlock alll code on the employee blog yet. keep waiting?
13. kakitacliffy - Apr-15-2010 11:22 pm
    Waiting patiently....
14. beeporama - Apr-16-2010 9:04 am
    still no unlock all code yet, or I missed it! :(
15. firzenion - Apr-17-2010 12:12 pm
    Sweet! NIS has the best fan pleasing stuff! :D
16. adept ronin - Apr-22-2010 5:25 pm
    So far we have a hefty boatload of codes as is. I can't wait for even more to arrise, ho ho ho!
17. el2king - Apr-25-2010 1:44 am
    So is there really an unlock all code or not?
18. robbie - May-01-2010 4:36 am
    The unlock code is up on the employee blog now. Check the Pages section.
19. kevv2 - Jul-11-2010 7:07 am
    votes for over 9000!!!!! :O
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