Prinny Beer Steins  [247]
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Apr-05-2010 3:01 pm
Ok, so I know it's not exactly what you'd think. But the cool factor would be amazing! I mean, you don't have to JUST DRINK BEER in it. Think of it as a cup that's the size of a beer stein made out of prinnies, or with prinnies carved into it!

1. odinfan - Apr-05-2010 10:57 pm
    I thought this was merchandise for all ages... why are you teaching them to drink? XD
2. solice - Apr-06-2010 2:45 am
    ZOMG YES I WANT THIS. I mean, I don't drink, but having one of these would really make the root beer taste better!
3. tigerbyte - Aug-04-2010 7:38 pm
    i think the peicture of a prinny foaming at the mouth would be great
4. maoudood - Oct-28-2010 6:57 am
    I don't drink anymore, but it sounds perfect for my morning coffee, dood!
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