Strategy Guide w/ Disgaea 4 pre-orders  [570]
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Apr-27-2011 10:56 am
Disgaea 3 pre-orders included a strategy guide. So D4 should follow up the same way. Sure, we can get info and walkthroughs online, but the strategy guide is a nice touch for collectors (such as myself!), as well as being a handy dandy noteb-err... I mean guide right by your side in case you don't have a laptop or want to walk back to your computer. Less stalling for info lookups means more time for playing!

1. pendejochy - May-16-2011 11:32 pm
    I already preordered Disgaea 4 on Amazon, but I think I would have prefered this over the Fuuka figurine. I vote yea!
2. class sleeper - Jun-21-2011 8:16 pm
    That would make a great addition to the pre-order. I usually buy a guide as a collector's item after finshing games anyway.
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