Greetings Doods!

We hope you’re excited for the NISA Europe Online Store, which went live July 1, 2014! With the launch of the site, all of our fans in Europe now have the chance to preorder and purchase PAL versions of those awesome video game limited editions that were previously available only in North America.

Because the NISA Europe Online Store now serves our European customers directly, this also means that the original NISA Online Store is no longer shipping products, including anime and merchandise, to customers in the PAL region. We will still fulfill any existing orders and preorders placed before July 1, 2014 by our European customers, but following that date the NISA Europe Online Store will be the official site for European customers to purchase limited editions of our games.

If you are interested in purchasing our anime titles, you can get them at Right Stuf, The Anime Corner Store, and Anime Pavilion.

The following is a list of countries that will be affected by this change:
Australia Denmark Israel Poland Spain
New Zealand Finland Italy Portugal Sweden
Austria France Kuwait Qatar Switzerland
Bahrain Germany Lebanon Romania Turkey
Belgium Greece Luxembourg Russia UAE
Bulgaria Hungary Malta Saudi Arabia UK
Croatia Iceland Netherlands Slovakia Ukraine
Cyprus India Norway Slovenia  
Czech Republic Ireland Oman South Africa

We’re extremely thrilled to be expanding into the new NISA Europe Online Store branch and look forward to the new opportunities it will bring! We are happy to have you guys here with us as we continue to grow, and thank you for your continued support!

Kind regards,
NISA Online Store
[email protected]