Culdcept Revolt features both Local Play and Online Play. There is also an Online Shop where the player can purchase Add-On Content.

Local Matches

Have matches against nearby friends with Local Play. Not only can you have matches with 2-4 players, you can set up a number of rules and options.

Online Matches

Players can challenge both friends and rivals to test their skills. Friend Match - Voice chat is possible when playing against a friend! Free Match - Fight against other Cepters throughout the nation. Players will be matched against others with similar skill levels.

Customize Your Avatar and Book

Players can change the appearance of their character's avatar, book cover, and dice however they like! Those that want to look extra fancy can purchase additional avatars, book covers, and dice as add-on content from the Online Shop. There's also some freebies up for grabs, so be sure to check them out.

Examples of add-on Content

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