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Prinny Salute

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Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Ghosts... The Netherworld is populated by many different types of demons...

And within the Netherworld, there is a place where those who have been forbidden to reincarnate are kept...


There, the souls of sinners are turned into Prinnies and given intense training. Located in the supreme depths of the Netherworld, it is looked down upon by all demons.

This is the story of a Vampire whose revolutionary journey begins in Hades, the lowest point in all the Netherworld.

Hades–a prison located in the depths of the Netherworld. Valvatorez, a Vampire, is an instructor who trains newly minted Prinnies. One day, he encounters a dark energy that sucks the Prinnies away.

With that, Valvatorez is unable to keep the promise he made to the Prinnies who endured his rigorous training.

Angry, Valvatorez decides to revolt against the corrupternment...

Defeat the corrupternment, usurp the regime, it's a Netherworld Revolution! This is a story that begins in Hades about changing the world!


  • ValvatorezValvatorez
  • FukaFuka
  • FenrichFenrich
  • PrinnyPrinny
  • EmizelEmizel
  • VulcanusVulcanus
  • AxelAxel
  • DescoDesco
  • Nagi ClockworkNagi Clockwork
  • Tyrant ValvatorezTyrant Valvatorez
  • Sister ArtinaSister Artina

The tyrant vampire


A Vampire who works as a Prinny Instructor in Hades, the Netherworld's prison.

He used to be a notorious tyrant in both the Human World and the Netherworld. However, every since a certain incident, he forbade himself from drinking human blood. Consequently, he has lost most of his power.

He despises injustice and follows his own ascetic point of view about evilness. He never breaks a promise or a contract. He loves sardines.

The Prinny hat is her trademark

Fuka Kazamatsuri

A middle schooler who lost her life for some reason.

She doesn't remember committing any crimes, nor will she admit that she ever died. For some reason, she wears a Prinny hat and jacket.

She is very positive, and to this day believes that her stay in Hades is just a dream.

Valvatorez's werewolf attendant


A young Werewolf who serves Valvatorez.

He's been loyal to Valvatorez since his Tyrant days, and refers to Valvatorez as "my Lord."

He is quite cunning, and spins lies in a cool manner. His ultimate goal is to make Valvatorez the ruler of the Netherworld.

Peon Extraordinaire


The peon demons of the Netherworld.

They are the burdened souls of humans, which have fallen to Hades. They are trained to be Prinnies in Hades before they are shipped off to the various areas of the Netherworld. As they pay off their sins through hard work, they await their chance to reincarnate.

Each and every one of them have a unique personality, but they are all generally lazy.

Netherworld President Jr.


The only son of the current Netherworld President. He is Death.

As the leader of a special assassination force that works directly for the President, he appears to exterminate the revolting Valvatorez.

A spoiled brat who doesn't realize he's only riding his father's coat tails.

The Thief Angel is here to stay!?


An infamous angel in the Netherworld who is also known as the Angel of Avarice.

She steals money and other valuables from all over the Netherworld. She claims that she came to return all the money that was unlawfully transferred to the Netherworld from Celestia.

She is angel-like in that she is kind, and has integrity. However, when it comes to money she is super greedy.

Hades' Warden


The young warden of Hades who is also Valvatorez's boss.

Apparently, he used to be a super-popular Dark Hero in another Netherworld, but he is a zero in his current Netherworld.

In order to suck up to the corrupternment, he tries to work with Emizel.

Final Boss Nominee


Her official name is "Final Weapon: Death/Extermination Submersible Combat Organism." There was only one reason for Desco's birth: To become the Final Boss.

However, she was put in solitary confinement in Hades before she ever saw the light of day.

After fighting Valvatorez, she starts calling Fuka "Big Sis."

Nagi Clockwork

A new character who appears in the Time Leap story.

She is the reason Fuka and Desco end up in the Human World of the past.

She is strong willed, but underneath her tough facade she hides a very sad past. She uses a technique called Mechanology in order to stop the war around her.

Tyrant Valvatorez

Valvatorez, when he was known as the Tyrant.

Quite different from the Valvatorez of now, he still feeds on human blood, and is probably the most powerful Vampire. He also doesn't eat sardines.

He believes that demons should rule humans through fear, and whenever he is in the Human World, he instills fear into the humans.

Sister Artina

A nurse who travels the battlefields, tending to the injured soldiers.

Healing others is her number one priority. She isn't afraid of dangerous people or places in her path to helping others.

She's also a nun, and is kind to everyone.

Product Info.

Title Disgaea 4 Complete+
Release Date Nintendo Switch™, PS4™
October 29, 2019 (US/EU)
November 5, 2019 (ANZ)
September 10, 2020
Platform Nintendo Switch™, PS4™, PC
Genre Strategy RPG