So what exactly do we need names for?

Name #1: Item (Sword)

First up, we need a name for one of the game's swords. This sword is supposedly so powerful that the mere sight of it will stop demons in their tracks.

Name #2: Sword Skill

What could possibly go better with a sword than a brand-new, sword-based skill!? Next, we'll need a super creative name for this crazy, sword-based skill. Don't hold back! Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that the sword you'll be naming is being used in this skill video.

Name #3: Nekomata Guard

Lastly, we'll need a name for this scantily clad Nekomata, who is responsible for guarding your base in Hades. Being extra creative and being familiar with the Disgaea series / Netherworld will really come in handy when you're working on this one!

Due to limitations, all three names are limited to 20 characters each, including spaces. Please also keep in mind that we're interested in what your creative mind can come up with. Any plagiarised or copyrighted submissions will be automatically disqualified, even if the other names are top notch! If you're worried about copyright infringement for one or more of your names, then you should probably play it safe and come up with something new. Once you've come up with the perfect names, continue on to the official contest entry form:

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