[Product Info] Mugen Souls releases on PlayStation®Network in North America! And tomorrow in Europe!
[Product Info] Mugen Souls releases today in North America!
[Extras] Two new wallpapers have been uploaded. Enjoy!
[System] Check out the final section of the System page - Elements of Peon Creation!
[Product Info] Mugen Souls has been released in Europe today!! It comes out in the US on October 16th!
[Gallery] An awesome new battle trailer has been uploaded. Take a look!
[Product Info] The new US release of Mugen Souls is October 16th!
[Characters] The final two characters have been revealed! Say hello!
[Extras] All Twitter icons are now available as well!
[Characters] Chou Chou: Graceful, Elka, and Marina are pleased to meet you!
[Gallery] Two new trailers have been uploaded!
If you have trouble viewing them, please try re-opening the trailer window.
[System] Learn about customizing your characters and G-Castle Battles!
[Extras] Grab another cool wallpaper along with some new Twitter icons!
[Characters] Learn about a hero, a princess, and more of Chou-Chou's personalities!
[Gallery] Take a look at a beautiful storyboard illustration!
[System] Read all about Peoning!
[Extras] Some new Twitter icons coming your way!
[Characters] Meet Terse, Bipolar, Shirogane, and Tsukika!
[Gallery] Hey, check out a new illustration beauty!
[Extras] Grab a new wallpaper! and download some new Twitter icons!
[Characters] Meet four new characters!
[Gallery] Take a look at another illustration!
[System] Learn about the Battle Screen and Linked Attacks!
[Extras] Download new Twitter icons there!
The official Mugen Souls site launched today!