RPG Maker MV


The RPG Maker Series' NewestInstallment Arrives to Console!

  • PS4
RPG Maker MV will be available on 09.08.2020!


About - What's RPG Maker?

"I want to make a game without having to learn programming..."
"Isn't there an easy way to make a game..."

The RPG Maker software was made to fulfill wishes like these,
so users could create their own original RPGs.

System - Introduction to Controls

Keeping the PC version's system and adding convenient button
commands to the console versions make RPG Maker MV
the most stacked, resource-abundant installment ever.

MV Player - What's RPG Maker MV Player?

Owning RPG Maker MV is not necessary for use.
If you have RPG Maker MV Player, which can be downloaded
for free from each console's online store, you will be able to
play original games created from RPG Maker MV!


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Product - Preorder Today!

■ Title : RPG Maker MV
■ Release: 09.08.2020 (US) / 09.11.2020 (EU) / 09.18.2020 (ANZ)
■ Platform: Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4
■ Genre: Game Creator
■ Player(s): Single