Generation of Chaos - System



After the opening story, the player will begin the strategy mode to build and strengthen the kingdom. In the beginning, the kingdom is small and weak. However, as you progress through the game, the player can conquer neighboring kingdoms and stretch its ruling powers throughout the land of Duke.


The army commanders will carry out the orders during the strategy mode. Here in the player can improve the kingdom’s infrastructure, commerce, military, and foreign relations


Ensuring national security should always be a top priority. Build up national defense by fortifying borders and key infrastructures. Keep the enemy out! Remember, the best offense is a strong defense.

Research & Develop

Anybody can pick a fight, but only the wisest of leaders choose where their battles are fought. Keep in mind that different terrain types offer varying advantages and disadvantages to certain unit types. However, to win, you must be more than wise. Research and development can be a useful strategy to alter the terrain of areas of importance.


Armies aren’t run on welfare. Elite commanders require elite pay! History has shown that the best armies have offered their officers the best compensation (e.g. Roman Imperial Army). Promote trade to keep your coffers full, and your army well fed and equipped. Sticks and stones aren’t going to hurt anybody in this war.


If you can’t beat them, bribe them! Nothing says “let’s be friends” more than a hefty “charitable donation.”