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Preorder for Prinny™: Can I Really Be the Hero? starts today! and Ar tonelico® 2 Dream on Me Body Pillow contest!


Make him the hero, or not...
it's all up to you, dood!




Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

Console: PSP
Release: Feb 17, 2009
Genre: Action
Rating: Teen









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Hello everyone!

Happy New Year to all of you! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

Today, we have really exciting news! Preorders for "Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?" have begun at the RosenQueen store. And, as always, RosenQueen made some cool preorder sets for you guys. Actually, They are really sweet deals. Also, we'll talk about the Ar tonelico 2 Body Pillow contest after Prinny, so make sure to read till the end!


Prinny has been well-received by the media. It was chosen as one of the 30 most anticipated games in 2009 at! If you haven't yet, make sure to check it out. Prinny was very happy about that, but of course Etna didn't give him any credit...poor guy.


Oh, so in Prinny, you'll start the game with 1,000 lives! Yes, you heard it right, 1,000 lives. You think that is just too many lives, and it would make the game too easy, right? Nah. When we say "the ultimate hardcore action game" we aren't kidding at all.

There are 6 stages you can travel to from your HQ. Every stage is a different setting. The difficulty of each stage changes depending on the in-game time (Day - easy: Evening - hard: Night - death). So strategy is required, and can you even imagine the reply value of this game?! You just have to get the game and experience the "ultimate hardcore action"!


These images are 3 of the 6 stages from Prinny. Don't be fooled by their relaxing easy-breezy feel! They'll kick your butt if you're not prepared!

"Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?" will be packaged in a premium box. It'll be the very first PSP premium box set! It'll come with the game, official soundtrack, and an exclusive Prinny comic page from Penny Arcade! On top of these cool treats, you'll get more cool stuff with RosenQueen's special preorder sets! Check them out!

1. Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

Premium box
- Game
- Soundtrack
- 1 Comic page

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2. Prinny: Hero to the Rescue Set

This set comes with
- Premium box Prinny game
- Red Scarf Prinny
- Prinny PSP pouch

3. Prinny: Ultra Dessert Set

This set comes with
- Premium box Prinny game
- Red Scarf Prinny
- Prinny PSP pouch
- Disgaea® Graphic Novel

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We hope you're excited about these cool items! Visit RosenQueen to preorder today! They only have a limited number of these bonus items, and they'll stop taking preorders once they've sold out.

Individual preorders for Red Scarf Prinny and Prinny PSP pouch are also available!


Ar tonelico 2 "Dream on Me" Body Pillow contest!

The release date (1/20) for Ar tonelico 2 is getting closer. So to celebrate, we'd like to hold an Ar tonelico 2 art contest. Please send any artwork for Ar tonelico or Ar tonelico 2 characters in your dream costume in a digital format (jpg, psd, gif, etc). The most creative costume will be awarded with a prize.

If you are not confident with your art skill, you can write a poem about Ar tonelico or Ar tonelico 2.

Please send your entries to NISA Contest email by 1/25. We'll select 10 entries, and the 10 winners will be announced in February.

The prize is an Ar tonelico 2 body pillow and pillow case. This body pillow is 24"x60". The body pillow case has an image of Jaclyn as shown in the image.

We're looking forward to receiving your entries! You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once.

Lastly, the Ar tonelico 2 Girls Gone Towel campaign ended on December 31, 2008. And we received tons of entries! Thank you very much. 100 winners have been selected and notified by email. Congratulations!

We greatly appreciate your support and love for Ar tonelico 2! The Ar tonelico 2 preorder is still goiing on! But we only have a few left, so hurry!


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