The Hexen Clan

The descendants of those entrusted with the Sept-Terrion of Fire by the goddess thousands of years ago. Members of the Hexen Clan appear in a number of folk tales and legends passed on—as witches both good and evil.

Those in the Hexen Clan are known to employ familiars, and possess a natural abundance of mana. The strongest among them are able to cast spells that create illusions or sway the minds of others.

Though a witch's lifespan is no different from a normal human's, the clan's Elder, Roselia, has somehow lived for over 800 years.

Eryn Village

The hidden village of the Hexen Clan, governed by Roselia. Both Emma and Vita were born and raised within its confines.

Hazy mist blankets its landscape, such that it almost resembles a town straight out of a fairy-tale. Nearby facilities allow the witches to conduct special rituals.

Though situated in a narrow space within the Isthmia Great Forest of southwest Erebonia, its presence cannot be detected by those without sufficient magical prowess.

The Gnomes

The descendants of those entrusted with the Sept-Terrion of Earth by the goddess thousands of years ago. They possess advanced technology far exceeding that of the current civilizations of Zemuria.

Though they and the Hexen Clan worked together to watch over their Sept-Terrions in the distant past, a certain incident several centuries ago resulted in them cutting ties with the witches and vanishing.

Since that time, the Gnomes have been lurking behind the scenes as the Black Workshop, producing numerous weapons, combat shells, and homunculi as one of the Thirteen Factories affiliated with Ouroboros.

The Black Workshop

A coalition of engineers that has involved itself in numerous events across the continent.

In truth, its members are the descendants of the Gnomes who vanished from history centuries ago, having survived from the shadows by adapting to the times.

Between absorbing Ouroboros' body of knowledge by joining the Thirteen Factories, collecting combat data by supplying weapons to jaegers, and stealing the method for manufacturing homunculi from the alchemists, they stop at nothing to achieve their technological aims.

The Septian Church

A major religious organization that centers around the worship of the Goddess of the Sky, Aidios, and the most widespread faith on the Zemurian continent. It was formed to guide those lost in the chaos of The Great Collapse, a disaster said have been the cause of the ancient Zemurian civilization's destruction.

Though its influence has declined since the technological developments that accompanied the Orbal Revolution, it still maintains a significant role in the continent's health and education systems.

The Church is composed of a number of divisions, such as the Congregation for Divine Worship, which handles liturgical matters, the Congregation for the Sacraments, which handles the retrieval and management of artifacts, and the Papal Guard, tasked with defending the High Seat of the Church—the Holy City of Arteria.

The Gralsritter

A secret order of knights employed by the Church, tasked mainly with the retrieval and investigation of artifacts and incidents related to their often dangerous powers.

They belong to the Congregation for the Sacraments, but due to certain behind-the-scenes tasks they are known to undertake, such as the hunting of heretics, their existence is only known to a select few.

The order is composed of the Dominions—a council of twelve individuals, each marked with a Stigma—as well as the knights and squires who support them. They are currently led by the First Dominion, Ein Selnate, who also goes by the alias Carnelia.

The Black Records

An artifact that takes the form of a collection of books. Copies of the Black Records are sometimes found hidden throughout Erebonia.

They appear to record events both past and future, and have accurately predicted the Salt Pale disaster in North Ambria and the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon of Liberl, among other such incidents outside of Erebonia.

One of the many prophecies recorded within them details a catastrophe set to occur in the Imperial capital, but does not provide a resolution. As such, not even those in the Septian Church who have been analyzing the tomes are able to grasp the full extent of the events soon to befall the world.

The original Black Records are currently in the possession of the Erebonian Imperial family. Only those who have succeeded the throne are permitted to read their contents.

Crossbell Police Department - Special Support Section

A division established by the former Crossbell police to rival the Bracer Guild and garner the favor of the populace at large.

Though initially ridiculed as "odd-job handymen" and a "mockery of the bracers," the SSS has since been recognized for its contribution in resolving the many incidents that had plagued Crossbell, thanks in no small part to its leader, Detective Lloyd Bannings.

Following Crossbell's annexation after the Erebonian Civil War, the CPD, now run by the Empire, was soon converted into the Crossbell Military Police, resulting in the disbanding of the SSS.

Due to Governor General Rufus' machinations, the former SSS members now have no choice but to act apart from each other. Some joined resistance efforts, some were forced to transfer to posts in the Empire, and some continue their duties, under constant surveillance.

Divine Knights

Long ago, an overwhelmingly powerful being known as the Great One was formed by a clash between the Sept-Terrions of Fire and Earth. In order to seal it, the Hexen Clan and the Gnomes worked in tandem to create seven weapons in the form of giant knights.

Each Knight was then imbued with a fraction of the Great One's essence, activated when resonating with its pilot, known as an awakener. Ever since, the Divine Knights have repeatedly appeared in Erebonia's greatest times of crisis, creating and ending conflicts with their overwhelming power.

At present, there are six known awakeners: those of the Ashen, Azure, Vermillion, Palatinate, Argent, and Ebon Knights. The final awakener—that of the Auric Knight—has yet to be seen.

The Kingdom of Liberl

A small kingdom in the southwestern region of Zemuria, located due south of Erebonia.

Though a monarchy, its class system has been abolished, and it has enjoyed many years of peace thanks to the skillful foreign policy of its current ruler, Queen Alicia II.

It is also the home of Professor Russell, a disciple of Professor Epstein's who, alongside the Zeiss Clockmaker's Union, brought Liberl to the forefront of technology as the first nation to deploy orbal airships.

A few years ago, the country was caught up in one of Ouroboros' plots, resulting in a nationwide shutdown of orbal power. The incident was eventually settled by the efforts of Liberl's Royal Army, the Bracer Guild, and Prince Olivert of Erebonia, then disguised as Olivier Lenheim.

Fully aware of the rising tensions in Zemuria due to the conflict over Crossbell, Liberl can do little more than strive to maintain the peace it so desires.

The Bracer Guild

A private group that works to ensure the peace and safety of the citizens of Zemuria. Its headquarters is located in Leman State in the midwestern region of the continent, but it has numerous branches in nearly every country, giving it a strong sphere of influence.

Though its mission statement of giving priority to the safety of civilians is laudable, it can render them ineffectual unless a civilian's life or freedom is directly threatened, the guild's code prevents bracers from interfering with anyone of national, military, or political standing.

What's more, a string of bombings at the Erebonian branches a few years ago had resulted in the severe restriction of bracer operations there under Chancellor Osborne's policies.

These restrictions had loosened somewhat after the close of the civil war, but no sooner had it seemed that bracers could resume their work in earnest, than the National Mobilization Law was enacted, further restricting bracer activity.