"Now, Rean. Let us begin."

"Together, we shall write the end to this wretched fairy tale. In ink, black as despair."

Languishing in chains as dusk falls around him.

A guiding light swallowed by the darkness, in an empire shrouded by its curse.

Filled with regrets that will never cease.

Plagued by questions that will go unanswered.

Unable to protect that which he held dear, lost in despair over mistakes that cannot be undone, he listlessly awaits his fate as a "Sacrifice."

This is what has become of Rean Schwarzer, the Ashen Chevalier.

As he sits in darkness, the world edges ever closer to its demise.

The Erebonian Empire, the country with the most powerful military in recorded history, is now poised to swallow up the entire continent under the banner of its largest invasion plan yet—Operation Jormungandr.

In response, the rest of the world rallies together in a last-ditch effort to fell this mighty serpent, no matter the cost.

Blind to the fact that they are playing right into the hands of the secret society, Ouroboros. The mysterious group continues to fan the flames of ruin, all for the sake of fulfilling its leader's long-sought plans...

"That’s why someone… Someone needs to find him, grab him by the collar, and shake him until he snaps out of it! To tell him that he’s wrong! That it wasn’t his fault!"

"Wasn't that supposed to be our job?!"

Those words brought a flash of light to souls lost to despair.

Thors Military Academy, Class VII.

A group of exceptionally talented young men and women that transcend the boundaries of status, creed, and even nationality. Both its first and second generations now fight against the oncoming night.

Together, they rise, to stand against the end of all things.

Together, they will keep moving forward, to bring light and hope back to the world once more.

"Now, everyone. Let's get started.
We'll bring an end to this damned fairy tale. Together!"