Tokyo Tattoo Girls Scheduled for release in 2017 Your back... Let me give it the final touch.


Tattoo×Turf War×Kawaii Tama City A story about girls with tattoos that give them special powers. A battle over turf and mini-games that enable you to experience the world of Honor and Humanity. A retriable simulation game of city domination and conquest.

Product Details

Product Details
  • Title

    :Tokyo Tattoo Girls

  • Platform

    :PlayStation®Vita System / Windows (TBD)

  • Genre


  • Player(s)


  • Release Date

    :11.14.2017(US), 11.17.2017(EU)

  • Developer


  • Licensor

    :Nikkatsu Corporation

  • Publisher

    :NIS America, Inc.

  • Rating


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