Game Overview

In order to care for the defenseless Toriko, the player takes control of a scrapped robot and must explore the underground wasteland in search of food, supplies, and medicine.

Machines and ever-evolving fungi now occupy the world once populated by humans long ago. After hundreds of years of evolution, strange organisms lies in wait.

Toriko's Terrarium

This contaminated world is no place for humans, especially not for a little girl like Toriko. Many dangers await Toriko, including risk of contamination from food sources and strange diseases. Build and improve the terrarium so Toriko can live in safety.

The terrarium acts as a shelter for Toriko. It protects her from the toxic spores in the environment, but she must be left alone when the robot ventures into the wasteland.

Be sure to furnish the terrarium with decor and furnishings so she can live comfortably as she awaits your return with food and supplies in tow.

While the terrarium provides protection, it doesn't prevent her from getting sick. She can become ill by consuming contaminated food.

What is this weird blob?

Pet Nanny

The Pet Nanny is a custom-built device designed by factoryAI to help with taking care of Toriko, inspired by a virtual pet game popular among human children. The Pet Nanny enables you do monitor Toriko's health, check for illnesses, and cleanliness of her terrarium. It will also alert you when she's hungry, and is a very useful tool for taking care of your very own human.

Furnishing the terrarium is not only limited to practical devices. You can also decorate it with furniture, plants, and even stuffed animals. Giving her enough to entertain herself with can mitigate how lonely she gets when you're away. It also provides a stat bonus to the robot.

Depending on the decor, Toriko may have a unique interaction with it.

Equipment you obtain in dungeons will be converted into resources at the end of your expedition, even if you're incapacitated. If you find yourself about to be defeated, try doing a mad dash to pick up as many items as you can before you do.

Using resources to craft terrarium decor will increase the number of slots in your inventory and the vault.

Toriko looks quite comfy in the Bed Frame the robot crafted for her. The robot also received a boost in defense through the crafting bonus. There are many different types of decor. Try crafting as many as you can to make life more enjoyable for Toriko.

In the scrapyard, you can store items in your vault. Be careful about storing food, as it will rot eventually. You can still feed rotten food to Toriko, but it might not be especially healthy for her. Whether or not you feed her rotten food is up to you, but it's generally better to give her fresh food.

  • Toriko refuses food given to her, even though she's hungry. Could this have something to do with how she feels?
  • When Toriko catches a cold or falls asleep, you'll need to decide, based on her condition, whether she needs medicine or food.

Toriko can come down with illnesses far worse and strange than the common cold. When this happens, factoryAI will help you identify the illness and find a treatment.

  • Torko has sprouted feathers after coming down with Bird Flu. Maybe giving her some kind of skim cream and plucking her feathers might cure her.
  • The robot applies the ointment all over Toriko, including her face. But don't overdo it!
  • Toriko has been afflicted with Sadness and will not stop crying. Perhaps the Baby Bottle will comfort her.

  • Toriko's body is melting.
						If left untreated, she might turn into a puddle.

I know, how about we pour her body into a mold to make her whole again?

There are many different types of items you can furnish the terrarium with, like a chair, bed, grass, stumps, and toys like stuffed animals or model cars.

You can customize the position, depth, and angle of decor. Just a few additions here and there can really spruce up the place. The terrarium doesn't have to be a dreary apocalypse shelter!

The terrarium offers protection against most environmental hazards, but not everything.
									Contaminated food brought from the wasteland can still affect her. Even the slightest amounts can hurt her.

The Common Cold

When her contamination rate rises and she hasn't had much to eat, Toriko's health decreases, making her vulnerable to catching a cold, resulting in a variety of symptoms. Go out on expeditions to find items to treat her.


Toriko's fungi-infected body already has a compromised immune system. She is vulnerable to toxic substances and even environmental changes. Here are some of the unusual afflictions that you might come across in this desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland.

									A lethal illness that gradually decays the body. The victim stumbles about, trying to infect other organisms it sees through bites. Restrain her and cover her eyes with a blindfold.

									An illness that melts the victim's body. If left untreated, her body will turn into a benign puddle of mush. You may be able to collect her body and pour it into a mold, but if she melts too much, she might be difficult to collect.

Bug Infestation
									Bugs love Toriko, probably because she's cute! Or smelly. Bugs can sometimes cause other afflictions. Exterminate them by fumigating the terrarium with insecticide.

Bird Flu
									A disease that causes Toriko to grow feathers and wings. Having feathers hurts a lot, apparently, like having needles in your skin. Make her feel better by plucking the feathers out.

									An affliction that causes incessant crying. Find a way to ease her loneliness by giving her something that will calm her.

Bone Fracture
									The frail Toriko's tiny bones are vulnerable to breakage. It's painful just looking at her... Find something to stabilize it so it can heal.