Culdcept - A board game battled with cards

A tactical game that blends the strategy of a card game and the layout of a board game, where you can advance, retreat, and scheme against your opponent.

  • Like a board game, roll a pair of dice to advance, and while you make your way around the map, you collect magic (G).
  • Use Creature Cards to summon creatures on the land you occupy, and by doing so, that land will become your territory and give you magic.
  • Battle enemy creatures for their territory.
  • There are many ways you can turn the tides of battle in your favor. Use Spell Cards to curb your enemy's advances, and use Item Cards to enhance your creature's ATK or DEF.
  • Whoever reaches the Magic Goal and returns to the Gate first will win.
  • Depending on the strategy you employ, you may be able to win without relying on the luck of the draw! Ultimately, Culdcept is a board game battled with cards!Preorder Now
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