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War Contract
Before you can participate in War, you must first form a contract with one of the Four Great Nations. You can choose to participate in a war for a duration lasting anywhere from 1 to 5 Wars.
The longer the duration, the more rewards you will receive.

Note that your contract duration only covers War periods as they occur online. Also, your contract will end once the deadline expires,
regardless of whether you actually participated in War or not.
Flow of War
  • I. Assess the War Situation
  • II. Choose a Region to Participate
  • III. Participate in the Ongoing Operation
  • IV. Lead the Operation to Victory, and Increase your Military Gains
Region Map
On the region map, you can view the status of control points, the number of territories currently in possession, and how much time remains before the War ends.
Also, if you select a region where a battle is already underway, you can view the current state of that battle.
  • Control Objectives
    A Control Objective is the field that two nations are attempting to control. Achieving the objective requires the nation to take control of the field, then defend it until the remaining time runs out. Achieving a control objective grants a large amount of control points, which gives a considerable advantage as you strive toward victory.
  • Remaining Time
    A War lasts approximately one day. Whichever nation obtains the most control points during that time is declared the victor.
  • Control Points
    Control points represent the balance of power between two nations. The nation that has more control points when War ends is declared the victor. You can acquire control points after certain periods of time from each field that is under your territory, so acquiring your fields under your nation will connect to victory.
  • Field
    Fields are small map territories where troops are dispatched and battle as they carry out operations. A region is made up of several fields, and War progresses as two nations fight for control of each field.

Field Map
Take Forts and Lead the Operations to Victory
In War, battles that are fought on the field map are called "operations." Each operation is won by taking out the enemy forts positioned on the field, and reducing the enemy's power to 0. When an operation ends successfully, your nation gains control of the field, and you begin earning control points at set intervals.
  • ▲ Enemy forts have several troops defending them. Also, it is possible to defend your own nation's forts as well.

Nation Policies are Decided by Players' Votes
The actions that the Four Great Nations will take are decided by the votes of players who have contracts with those nations. Voting for the next war takes place at the Barracks in each nation's capital, and the results will affect the next war.
  • Invasion Proposal
    Players vote on a region to invade in the next war. Depending on the regions that are taken, the selection of products sold at the trading post will vary.

  • Treaty Voting
    Players will vote on the treaty that will take effect in the next War. There are over 20 different treaties with effects ranging from banning escape attempts to upgrading the power of armaments. The treaty that gets the most votes in each nation will be applied to both sides during the next War.
Research and Development
In the Barracks, you can research and develop new equipment and armaments.
Players who have formed a War contract can provide necessary resources to their respective nation to advance Research and Development, allowing them to purchase new equipment or upgrade their armaments.
  • ▲ Resources can be found on the field or purchased at trading posts. Research and Development requires a large amount of resources, so it is not possible without the cooperation of players that are under contract.
National Shops and Trading Posts
National shops and trading posts are special shops located in each nation. The inventory in these shops will fluctuate based on how far equipment research has progressed, and the territory that each nation controls.
  • National
    A shop that sells the new equipment that is created as a result of equipment research. Players who have formed a contract with a corresponding nation can purchase this equipment.
    A shop that sells resources used in Research and Development. The inventory changes based on the territory that each nation controls.

    Unlike the national shop, all players can access the trading post, but the price of goods will fluctuate depending on your service and contributions to that nation.
Triggering a Royal Order
In addition to the votes cast at the capital for the next War, you can also cast votes during an operation. "Order Voting" is a means by which players use TP to vote for various effects, which are carried out as Royal Orders. Royal Orders have a huge influence on the entire operation, and can shift the balance of power in a disadvantageous battle.

Royal Order Effects

Summon Guardian Beast
Summons a nation's guardian beast to the battlefield. (Max. 1)
Emergency Repair
Forts and armaments recover their resistance faster.
Destroy Armament
For 3 battles, all troops have their ATK increased against armaments.
For 3 battles, all troops recover HP after battle.
Armament Support
For a period of time, armaments perform their support attack at increased intervals.
Advance Operation
Sets the advance route of ally troops.
Destroy Enemy HQ
Under certain conditions, allied forts have their resistance lowered in exchange for increased damage against the enemy's HQ until the end of the operation.

Guardian Beasts

The guardian beasts are the divine protectors of each nation.
Each one possesses overwhelming destructive capabilities.

The Royal Order, "Summon Guardian Beast," will summon a guardian beast to the field, where it will block the troops of enemy nations. A guardian beast has lots of health and immense power; to defeat one will require a coordinated effort from every participating players.

Troop Detachments
While completing quests and battles, you can send detachments of your remaining troops into War. Using your troops most effectively is how mercenary captains show their true strength.
Set Member Actions
You can allow your detached troops to act in accordance with their AI, or give them detailed actions to follow. From the Set Member Actions menu, you can dictate the actions each unit takes for the first four turns of battle.
  • ▲ You can set the specific skills that each unit will use each turn. Despite being AI-controlled, the personality and tactics of the player still shine through. By selecting ""Battle Practice"" before sending the detachment, you can view the actions you've set. Of course, you can always just leave the decision-making to the AI and they'll still give it their all.
  • ▲ You can charge into a fierce battle, or go after a poorly defended fort. The decisions your troops make will vary widely depending on what marching orders they're given.